Friday, December 28, 2012


ANASAZI - ATTIC NOISE 7" (Toxic State)
To be honest, I'm not a gig fan of this current American hype of goth-rock and dark-wave influenced punk. Actually most of those bands really suck. New York's Anasazi are one of the few exceptions. While thier 7" on Sacred Bones was'n that amazing, "Attic Noise" offers some real good dark punkrock, taking the best moments of Christian Death, New Model Army, Sisters of Mercy and Joy Divsion to create their very own unique style of goth-punk. (Listen to it here)

CRIMSON SCARLET - S/T 7" (Cool Summer)
Crimson Scarlet have a great death-rock meets 80s UK wave sound! They are defintely into bands like Dead Moon, Chrsitian Death, Siouxsie And The Banshees or even The Gun Club. This 7" features two amazing tracks of dark punkrock with super cool melodic riffs, catchy female vocals and driving goth beats. They merge punkrock with metal, psychobilly and goth and the result sounds fuckin' great. Especially "sanctuary" on the a-side is a brilliant death-rock burner. (Listen to it here

Alex Zhang Hungtai, the guy behind Dirty Beaches, takes influences from the early rock'n'roll sound from the 50s and mixes it with a lo-fi heavy distorted sound, samples and electronic drones. The result sounds like The Cramps meets Sucide on drugs. "Dunewalker" features two weird 5 minute trips, borne by Alex Zhang Hungtai's disctinctive and dark vocals. As great as his "Badlands" full lenght from last year. (Listen to it here

Family Stoned are yet another example for Olympia's hot current scene with bands like Broken Water, Weird TV or Son Skull. The A-Side is a slow rock, folk and country influenced germ. "Rituals" on the flipside offers typical Olympia style early 90s indierock in the vein of Dinosaur Jr., Pavement or Sonic Youth. A super catchy song with a great melodic riff and Kim Gordon like female vocals. (Listen to it here
KING TUFF - WILD DESIRE 7"(Suicide Squeeze)
"Wild Desire" is defintely the best song King Tuff has ever written. It's a power-pop, glamrock and punk influenced number based on a super melodic guitar riff. This tune will make you listen to this 7" over and over again while jumping and screaming through your living-room. Should be played at every boozing party. "Hole In My Head" on the flipside is another well-done catchy number, not that great, but still above average. Limited to 750 copies. (Listen to it here

This 7" was originally released as a tape on Posh Isolation in late 2011. Both bands rank among the best current acts from Northern Europe concerning electronic music. Sweden's Lust For Youth crank out a New Order inspired minimal synth tune with an pounding heavy beat. The War song sounds pretty damaged, like it has been recorded two floors under their rehearsal room. It's based on the sound of broken synthesisers, a loop of a catchy keyboard melody and very low vocals (you can hardly understand a single word). Sounds strange, but the result is amazing.  (Listen to it here)

OBNOX - PURPLE REIGN 7" (Negative Guestlist) 
Obnox is the brainchild of Bim Thomas, who's well known from bands like Puffy Areolas, The Bassholes or This Moment In Black History. This 7" is less noisy than his amazing “I’m Bleeding Now” LP and all three songs have a quite different musical focusing. The opening track "Without a Soul" is a straight, super catchy garage punk smasher somewhere between The Dirtbombs and Dan Melchior. "Jack and Jill" is a slow, melodic burner with hints of blues and 70s rock. On the flipside we have “Only Black Man In South Dakota”, sounding a lot more psychedelic made with a wall of guitar noise and monotone repeat. (Listen to ot here)

PROTOMARTYR- DREADS 85 84 7" (Urinal Cake)
Great new band from Detroit with their debut 7". Protomartyer play straight punkrock with a variety of styles. A-side starts with "King Boots" a standard punkrock number with a melodic hook. "Bubba Helms" is a short track with cool of 70s rock guitar riff. "Cartier E.G.S" on the b-side is influenced by British postpunk with a dark melody not unlike Joy Division. The cover art looks like it's done by Raymond Pettibon. By the way: their "No Passion All Technique" LP is also worth to check out. (Listen to it here)

This 7" is about the father of American rocketry John Whiteside Parson. While I'm usually not that much into most Six Organs Of Addmitance's releases, I have to admit, that these two hot instrumentals are fuckin' brilliant. "Mission Abort" is the soundtrack for a random trip through space. "Blues For Jack Parsons" is not a blues. It is based on the hypnotic repeat of a bass-line and there's some kind of psychedelic guitar sounds added for good measure. (Listen to it here)

First new release since their amazing "$kum Of The Earth" full lenght on Negative Guest List two years ago and their first one with three guitars. Many current bands play noisy music, only a few have such a radical and damaged sound like The Unholy Two. Made with distortion, reverbs, "confusing" song structures, they create two ugly and slow noise tunes without a spark of hope. This is probably the most radical noise-rock since Harry Pussy.(Listen to it here)