Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Besides Neon Blud, Merchandise and Diet Cokeheads this is next brilliant band from Florida. American Snakeskin merge punkrock with the genres of blues, psychobilly and dark UK postpunk. The result are slow, amtospheric songs with a dark, reverb-friendly sound. Reminds me a lot of The Gun Club, but it's definitely more than just a copy. 5 tracks only - that's way too short. (Listen to it here)
DEGREASER - SWEATY HANDS LP (Negative Guestlist)
Second full lenght by New York's Degreaser and it's another masterpiece of weird dissonant postpunk. Sounds like Birthday Party on hard drugs, unable to play their songs, but keep on playing anyway. The guitar doesn't play any regular riffs, it's just creating noise. The vocals are out of step and there's not a single straight drum beat. All those single components together produce Degreaser's very own, uncompromising sound. No lyric sheets, no song titles - seems to be too typical for a band like Degreaser. (Listen to it here)

KANDODO - S/T LP (Thrill Jockey)
This is the solo project by Simon Price from The Heads. With Kandodo Price seems  to achieve are more experimental kind of music, driven by the idea of discovering new sounds. That's how he creates instrumental soundscapes, that drift into fascinating trips, showing obvious hints of krautrock. Early Kraftwerk or Neu! come to mind while listening to this amazing LP. The songs are quiet and catchy in their very own way with a great clean production. Comes with a gatefold sleeve and white vinyl. (Listen to it here)

After his hardly limited and surprising good first LP "Eyewash Silver" from 2010,"Vengeance, Man" is the second installment of King Bloods very own ugly sound of psychedelic music. Armed with a nasty distored sound he creates instrumental songs based on the manic repeat of a guitar riffs with the temporary addition of melodies. Moon Duo write songs with a comperable kind of composition, but King Blood's sound is a lot more radical and devastating. (Listen to it here)

MARK FEEHAN - MF LP (Siltbreeze)
First solo release by Mark Feehan, well known from Harry Pussy, the most brutal and radical noise rock group of the 90s. This LPs features instrumental songs, many of them only made with different multitracked guitar loops. The first two songs are pretty quiet, at least it's not the kind of music you would expect from Mark Freehan, but then starts "Sopio" and the music turns into a mess of noise, which is starting signal for Feehan's more radical and incalculable side (Listen to it here).

MYRRH - S/T LP (Soft Abuse)
This is the vinyl relase of their selfreleased debut tape from 2010. It feitures eight untiteled instrumentals showing influences of doom, psechedelic and 70s rock. Myrrh's songs are based on a monotonic drum beat and a viola loop. These quiet parts turn all of a sudden into a wall of distortion and ugly feedbacks. That's how Myrrh's tunes develop their very own atmospheric and mesmerizing sound, that will sear into your memory with it's massive repeats. This is defenitely some kind of  "taking drugs to make music to take drugs to"-music. (Listen to it here)

SOFT MOON - ZEROS LP (Captured Tracks) 
I've been digging all previois releases, Luis Vasquez has released under his moniker Soft Moon. His latest full lenght "Zeros" marks no exception. Take the best parts of Chrome, Suicide and The Cure and you'll get an imagination of Soft Moon's mix of minimal wave, electronic music, krautrock and goth-punk. The songs are affected by an dark atmosphere, created with effect-loaded verbal sounds, distorted synthezisers and hypnotozing beats. Compared to Vaquez' previous works, "Zeros" is a bit less heavy and radical, but it still illustrates his very own brandmark sound. (Listen to it here)

While playing this LP over and over agin, it becomes obvious, that there are people from Birds Of Maya and Purling Hiss involved. It's that same kind of super lo-fi rock'n'roll sound, that gives these recordings it's very own charm. Spacin' play two different kind of styles: On the one hand "Deep Thuds" features funny, straight 70s high energy rock numbers with catchy hooks, on the other hand it offers fuzzed out, spacy psychedelic rock, reflecting the kind of sound, we know from Purling Hiss and Birds of Maya. Nice Rolling Stones rip off on the frontcover. (Listen to it here)   
This records neglects most typical structures of music. "Emergency Stairway" is a nightmare of electronic audio experencies. Surface industrial sounds leave the feeling of beeing surrounded by a possible threat. Though Broadcast's damaged and devastating mix of Throbbing Gristle like noise, musique concrete and industrial amalgamtes to a sheer claustrophobic horror trip. This fear has it's very own kind of attraction. (Listen to it here)

Another installment in White Fence's extensive discography. Tim Presley, the guy behind White Fence, is part of San Francisco's current neo-hippie scene along with acts like TY Segall, Mikal Cronin or The Fresh & Onlys. "Family Perfume Vol.1" is the first part of a record split into two volumes and it features White Fence's best recordings so far. The well written songs are focused on the sounds from the 60s, combining garage punk with folk, blues and fuzzed out pschedelic rock. On top of that Tim Presley's vocals sound like he's the better double of Bob Dylan. (Listen to it here)