Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 TOP TEN: PUNK 7"s

While most current Swedish bands seem to be into 70s retro punk, Beast are proving the continuance of Scandinavian bands, who still know how to mix a good dose of rock'n'roll and 70s rock into their punkrock. The Hellacopters and Gluecifer are obvious references, but Beast is definitiley more than just a poor rip off. The rockish female vocals are really outstanding with their very own charming coolness. And they know, how to play guitar solos, that don't suck. If i had to describe this 7" with one word it would be: heavy. So get this beast! (Listen to it here)

Another amazing new band from New York. It’s quite possible, that Call Of The Wild are named after the Deep Purple song of the same title, since these two songs are definitely influenced by rock music from the 70s, even if it’s still more punk than rock. Imagine some Stooges like protopunk mixed with blasting killed by death punkrock and awesome 70s rock guitar riffs and you might get an idea, how good this 7” is. “The Call” is one of the best songs I’ve heart since a long time. It’s both catchy and hard rockin’. It’s a shame that this 7” is limited to 300 handnumbered copies only. (Listen to it here)

COPS - PREMONITIONS 7" (Rob's House)
Cops from Atlanta is another ex-Carbonas band featuring Gentleman Jesse, GG King and the bass player of the Bukkake Boys. Of course this ex-band blabla sucks, but for this debut 7" it's seems to be usefull, since everyone how likes The Carbonas won't be dissapointed. You get five short punk smasher without any frills. The songs are pretty fast and Gentleman Jesse's vocals are as great as usual. The best track for my taste is "Tired And I Wanna Go Home" with a super cool refrain, that keeps in mind. (Listen to it here

DARK TIMES - GIRL HATE 7" (Fysisk Format)
Second 7" by this fresh Norwegian 2/3 girl band. They've grabbed a lot attention with their debut 7" by MRR and others. And yes I have to admit, this is great music. Fast, primitive and super wild punkrock or protohardcore. Reminds a lot of Teen Idles or Middle Class. The guitar sounds a bit out of tune. Everyone can play the drum beats. after a fews days practice. It's all very elementary and that's just the great thing about Dark Times. (Listen to it here)
DIÄT - PICK A LINE 7" (Iron Lung)
Great new Berlin based band featuring two native Australians and Iffi from Static Age Records on drums. Diät are more focused on the new wave of Australien bands, than beeing another average German band without individuality. The two tracks of their debut double a-side 7" combine the sound of Total Control's first 7" with 80s UK Wave-Punk like Crisis or New Model Army's first LP. What's really oustanding, are Diät's vocals: they sound ice cold not very oz, but British in the tradition of UK postpunk and new wave. The artwork looks great too. (Listen to it here)

NERVOSAS - S/T 7" (Meth Mouth)
After two demo tapes this is Nervosas' first 7" release. The 3 songs are strapped with an arsenal of dark moody guitars comparable to The Wipers or Dead Moon and a good dose of late 70s/ early 80s Orange County punk in the vein of Agent Orange or The Adolescents. The vocals sound pretty unique, but also totally amazing. Comparable to other current Wipers influenced bands like Criminal Code, Bloody Gears or Red Dons. It's just as good. (Listen to it here)

PAMPERS - GUTS 7" (Jack Shack)
Their debut 7" from last year was allready really amazing, but this one is even better! Brooklyn's Pampers play snotty punkrock with hints of garage. "Guts" and "Lies" are super cool, sophisticated midtempo songs with some of the best guitar noise parts, I've heart in a while. The third song "Rathole" is a straightforward punk smasher, whichs sounds like it has been taken directly from a Killed By Death Compilation. Imagine the catchiness of of The Hex Hispensers paired with the weirdness of the The Urinals and you might know how this brilliant 7" sounds like. It's nice, that Pampers have kept the cover-artwork conecpt from their first 7". This should be continued! (Listen to it here)
The latest single from The Secret Prostitutes (what a cool name for a band!?) is yet another hot punk record. This band from Houston, Texas is simply one of the today's greatest retro bands. You get five short songs, made with everything a great punk record should have: it's primitive, it's weird, it's straight forward and it's catchy. The vocals are in Indonesian language, so it's a complete mystery what they might be singing about, but it sounds totally crazy with high recognition value. (Listen to it here)
Seth Sutton, the guys behind Useless Eaters, is a productive man: After three Singles and one LP "The Moves" is his fifth output in 2012. The fact, that he's a solo artist from Tennessee might me a reason, why Useless Eaters are often compared with Jay Reatard, but his music is definitely more than just a copy. This 7" represents his talent of writing very good songs based on with primtive three chord punk riffs, short breaks and melodies. "The Moves" is the outstanding track on this amazing 4 track 7", a super catchy retro punk burner. Do we need Hitler's head and girls in bikinis on the front cover? I don't think so. (Listen to it here

Watery Love is an amazing band from Philadelphia with members of Clockcleaner and Home Blitz. I still haven't got their debut 7" from 2009, so I'm glad to hold a copy of their new strictly limited record in my hands. "Die With Dignity" on the a-side is midtempo song based and the repeat of a monotonous guitar riff, a simple drum beat and a chorus that's keeps in mind. The lyrics deal with ending your life with an amonut of grace, no matter how stupid your life is. "Leave Me Alone" on the flipside is a successful interpretation of a Lou Reed song. It's really hard to put Watery Love into any categories. Basically it's simple, negative punkrock with some of the best charasmatic vocals and slight hints of noiserock. They've released another new 7" on Negative Guestlist, which is worth to check out as well. (Listen to it here)