Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 TOP TEN: AUSSIE 7"s

GOOCH PALMS - R U 4 SIRIUS 7" (Anti Fade)
Incredible four track 7" by Gooch Palms from Sydney. They call their music "shit-pop", but I don't realy know why. It's just simple, super catchy and loud music. Live shows should be a lot of fun. They combine the rock'n'roll sound of the 50s with 60's lofi garage and 70s US Punk. It seems like their equally into The Ramones, The Sonics, The Cramps and Chuck Berry. It's really fun to listen to this 7" with it's silly melodies and lovely primitivity. Limited to 300 copies. (Listen to it here
MARTYR PRIVATES - S/T 7" (Bon Voyage)
Excellent first wax by this amazing band from Brisbane, Australia. "Bless" on the a-side is a psych number, based on simple but crushing guitar hook and some adds of percussion and guitar solos. It's somehow comparable to Spacemen 3, even if it sounds a lot heavier. "Native Son" on the flipside has super cool garage-psych sound with a kind of hot desert twang of the guitar. Many bands are into psych these days, but Martyr Privates are probably the best. Can't wait to hear more. Limited to 300 copies only. (Listen to it here)

MEAT THUMP - BOX OF WINE 7" (Negative Guestlist) 
Brisbane allstar six-piece featuring members of Kitchen's Floor, Slug Guts and Brendon Anneley (R.I.P) from Negative Guestlist. They are probably now defunct after Anneley's death. The songs are pretty much focused on squeaky, damaged guitars. The vocals sound drugged and weird. They combine influences of garage, folk and the sound of early releases on Flying Nun records. Definitely not a kind of standard music, but in all it's weirdnes these are two throughout beautiful songs. (Listen to it here)    

KITCHEN'S FLOOR - BITTER DEFEAT 7" (Negative Guestlist)
First release since their amazing "Look forward to nothing" full lenght from last year. This 7" features Kitchen's Floor darkest material so far. So you're absolutely wrong, if you expect any punk or noise, since this 7" is heavily influenced by moody folk and pop. Both songs are made with a simple, but great guitar line, a straight drum beat and a organ. The gloomy vocals give the songs a jaded, depressing vibe, but at the same time they're absorbing and fascinating. (Listen to it here)

Second 7" by Living Eyes featuring three brilliant tracks. "Ways to Make A Living" is a 60s beat influenced number with fuzzy guitars and catchy melodies. One of those songs, that stucks in your head after the first listen. Think of Ty Segall with more pop or a The Kinks influence. "Nose Diving" on the flipside is a midtempo punk tune with lots of feedbacks and a 70s Aussie punk feel. Reminds a bit of Perth-era The Scientists. And there's another short rock'n'roll influenced instrumental track, that has not been listed on the backcover or elsewhere. (Listen to it here)

First release by this new twopiece band from Sydney. Ruined Fortune play hook-filled punkrock influenced by US bands from the late 70s. The titletrack "Bulls Eye" is a simple, super melodic punkrock number with a catchy vocal tune and squeaking guitar solos. "Hope Diamond" on the flipside sounds heavier. It starts with a guitar riff almost comparable to Circle Jerks or early Black Flag, but when the drawn-out and jaded vocals begin, it's a style of singing, you would expect from some kind of lo-fi garage rock band. (Listen to it here)

New band with Angie from Circle Pit and Ruined Fortune. A-side is faszinating 60s psych pop germ without drums only made with vocals and guitar. B-side is cover of "Don't Cry No Tears" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse from their '75 "Zuma" full lenght with a super fuzzy guitar sound. Fans of Girls At Dawn, Vivian Girls and the whole neo-psych HoZac sound in general, won't be dissapointed. 265 copies only, so be fast to get your copy. (Listen to it here)

Total Control made it on Sub Pop and  this 7" follows up their amazing "Henge Beat" LP from last year. "Scene From A Marriage" starts with a quiet accoustic guitar riff and soon turns into some moody garage-postpunk, with a super catchy chorus including some of the best "aaahh aaahh's" ever "Contract" on the flipside shows their talent to create some really amazing electronic music. It varies from some kind of 80s minimal wave synth pop to hints of Neu! and early Kraftwerk. (Listen to it here)

UV RACE / NATIVE CATS - SPLIT 7" (Ride The Snake)
Two of Australias best current postpunk acts join the forces for this amazing split 7". Native Cats from Tasmania chip in one dark number. It starts with a bass line and a simple drum beat and ends up with some loud pounding moody synthezisers sounds. Great minimal music influenced by New Order and the 80's UK minimal wave sound in general. The UV Race side offers 3 songs, capturing the sound of their first demo tape and their early 7"s. This is straight pounding The Fall meets Swell Maps like postpunk. Again I've enjoyed the detailed explanations to their lyrics. More bands should do that! (Listen to it here)

WHORES - MOB REALITY 7" (Negative Guestlist) 
Whores play slow. but devastating hardcore comparable to all those "mysterious guy hc" bands coming from the USA during the last couple of years. Sounds like it could have been released on Youth Attack: ugly shouted vocals, a wall of ugly feedbacks, heavy distortion and fucked up downtowned guitars. This is just top notch noise, mixing the best parts of Void, Flipper and early 90s noiserock, to create their very own extreme and weird sound. Great stuff! (Listen to it here)