Wednesday, January 2, 2013


BI-MARKS - SLEEPLESS 7" (Black Water)
Second release after their ripping "the golden years" full lenght from 2011. Bi-Marks are from Portland, the town that has produced The Wipers, Poison Idea and Tragedy. But this is neither Neo-Crust, nor dark Wipers style Punkrock, nor anything elese you would expect from a typical current Portland band: Bi-Marks play fast thrashing hardcore in the tradition of US bands from the early 80s. Think of Zero Boys meets Jerry's Kids with hints of  crossover thrash in the vein of early(!) Corrosion of Conformity and 70s rock guitar solos. (Listen to it here)  

BRAIN KILLER - S/T 7" (Vinyl Rites/ Framework)
It's definitely not a very creative idea, to play a style of hardcorepunk heavily influenced by Discharge. And yes most bands, who are into d-beat are pretty boring, but this 7" is yet another example for Brain Killers ability to play a fresh, contmporary and totally amazing style of d-beat. The vocals sound pretty unique, but totally amazing. The songs are well produced with a good dose of distortion. Most of them are pretty fast, but Brain Killer also manage to write perfect midetmpo songs. So if you've listened too often to your "Her Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" LP, Brain Killer are defintiely more than just a good alternative. (Listen to it here)

BROWN SUGAR - LUVLY 7" (Cowabunga)
Another great release 7" from Buffalo, NY's Brown Sugar: They combine 80s style midwest hardcore with slower parts, that are pretty untypical for this kind of music. When it's hardcore, it sounds like The Necros or Die Kreuzen paired with some Black Flag-like guitarnoise. But when it's slow, you can hear hints of folk, rock and Stooges like protopunk. Sounds strange? But it definetely works. The songs are quite catchy with brilliant vocals and lyrcis with a "me against everyone" attitude. Artwork looks great too. (Listen to it here)

Everyone is talking about Crazy Spirit, but their labelmates are just as great. Dawn Of Humans' second 7" offers frantic, simple hardcorepunk without any frills. The raw recording is the perfect addition to Dawn Of Humans' unpolished approach of playing hardcore. Imagine the first Germs LP played on 45rpm and you might get a idea of how Dawn Of Humans' genuine brand of hardcore sounds like. (Listen to it here)

Another New York based band made it in my top ten list: Goosebumbs offer a unpolished and raw style of original hardcore, comparable to Crazy Spirit and Dawn Of Humans or Toxic State releases in general. You get eight short tracks of 80s style US Hardcore filled with noisy Black Flag-like guitars, many slower Negative Approach-like "tough" parts, frantic blasts, gruff vocals and lots of anger and hate.  (Listen to it here)  

After two killer demotapes last year, this is Kremlin's first release on vinyl. You get 5 tracks of noisy 80s style hardcore based on frantic fast drumming, creaky guitars and ugly vocals recorded with tons of reverb. The result is a totally devastating mixture of Die Kreuzen, Confuse and classic Finnish hardcore. Highly recmonded for everyone, who's into 80s hardcore.(Listen to it here)

KRÜEL - S/T 7" (Crucificados)
Among the plenty of bands trying to sound like Gai, Confuse, Disclose, Atrocious Madness, Gloom, Disorder, etc Krüel from Los Angeles are defintely one of the most brutal. This is straight forward, heavy distorted d-beat on high speed with harsh vocals and a brilliant noisy recording. You get five merciless slaps. The lyrics are written in Spanish and the hard sound of the Spanish language makes the music even sound more brutal than it already is. Did I mention, that this sounds brutal? (Listen to it here)

KROMOSOM - PARANOID! 7" (Holy Terror)
Beside the hype of the new wave of Australian bands (have a look at my blog. haha), there's also a great current scene of raw punk and hardcore. Kromosom are good example, but there are more bands like Leprosy, Teargas, Last Chaos, Warthreat or Straight Jacket Nation. After their first full lenght, this is already Kromosom's third 7". If you aren't familiar with them: they combine Swedish raw d-beat hardcore from the early 80s in the vein of Shitlickers or Anti-Cimex with heavy distortions and ugly feedbacks influenced by Japanese bands like Disclose, D-Clone or Interismo. If you like your hardcore raw and distorted, this one's for you (Listen to it here)

LAST CHAOS - KILL DICK CONTROL 7" (Hardcore Victim) 
This is some of this year's best old fashioned hardcorepunk. Last Chaos' debut 7" is filled with raging guitar-riffs, pounding drums and gruffy vocals. There are members of Teargas involved here and yes you can hear it, even if the songs are also heavily influenced by classic Finish hardcore. The vocals have this kind of reverb, that we all know from our Kaaos, Appendix or Terveet Kadet records. Jack Control has produced the recording, which means it sounds great. (Listen to it here)

PUSRAD - AKTA DIG 7" (Ken Rock)
This is is one of the best hardcore band from Sweden since a long time: Ex-members from Raped Teenagers are playing manic fast 80s Hardcore with lots of breaks and stop&go's. Sounds like people from Gang Green and D.R.I.(early) were starting a band together, trying to play Protest Bengt influenced hardcore. This onesided 7" features 5 songs with a complete playtime of 75 seconds. Ok that's pretty short, but there's nothing missing. This is just straight to the point short, fast & loud hardcore. They only put the best parts into their 15 second songs without a single second of boring repeats. And they have a great clean and modern recording. (Listen to it here)