Monday, January 28, 2013


AVENGERS - TEENAGE REBEL 7" (Superior Viaduct)
This 7" originally came out on the Swedish Really Fast label back in 1997. Along with their first "We are the one" 7" and their third "Paint It Black" 7" it has now been reissued by Superior Viaduct with a complete new cover artwork, which looks a lot better than the old one. Both tracks from this 7" were recorded in 1978, but somehow they didn't make it on their "Pink Album" best of compilation LP. Why? I have no explanations: but both tracks are certainly not a sight worse than the ones on the "Pink Album". Due to their recording and style, they're comparable to their first Dangerhouse 7". On the A-Side we have "Teenage Rebel", a perfect punk number: It's short, simple and straight forward. At the time it's filled with melodic undertones and it has a super catchy sing-a-long chorus. The lyrics are pretty punk and youthful, dealing with the feeling of alienation: "Everybody's trying to tell me how to live my life. If I hear it one more time from you baby. Gonna slit your gut with a knife." "Friends of me" on the flipside is driven by a powerful bass line and super melodic guitar hooks. Once again Penelope Houston's vocals are characteristic for The Avenger's sound and they make it something special. The Avengers have allways been my favourite early punkbands from the US westcoast and this 7" is definitely not an exception. (Listen to it here)