Monday, January 21, 2013


IMPALERS - DEMO 7" (Beach Impediment / No Way)
There's a boom of demo 7"s  in the world of punk and hardcore. I don't get the point, why bands don't use new studio recordings including their best songs from the demo plus some new ones to release it as their first "real" 7". But in the case of this release, it was made with good cause: Impalers play excellent d-beat driven hardcorepunk with a good dose of hard rock and metal. They are taking influences from Discharge, Motörhead, Celtic Frost and Texas hardcore in the vein of World Burns To Death. Heavy pounding drums, fantastic short guitar solos and some real ugly and harsh vocals. 4 tracks from their 10 track demo tape made it on this 7". By the way: Impalers have released another "real" 7" in 2012 on Todo Destruido and W-Label, which sounds straighter: more raging hardcore - less metal and less rock, but it's also highly recommended. (Listen to it here)