Saturday, February 16, 2013


To be honest, I think most current German are pretty boring. It's all about playing a style of music, that has been hip in the USA two years ago, instead of creating something unique. Candelilla from Munich are defintely more than just a another average reproduction. This all-girl four-piece recorded a true masterpiece, made with sheer creativity. They combine heavy drum beats with noisy, yet catchy guitarriffs, piano melodies and energetic bass lines. It's all focused on super complex and varied vocals. They are spoken, screamy or melodic, often made with multiple voices. There's even a spare use of canons. The smart lyrcis aren't less unconventional: they merge German with English language in a really exceptional way. The result sounds like Sonic Youth, Pixies, Shellac and Fugazi, but in the end it's Candelilla's very own and unique style. There are no typical song titles. Instead of that they've numbered their songs in chronologic order. Steve Albini recorded "Heart Mutter" in Chicago, so no suprise: it's a powerful, but clear production, giving the rhythm-section some extra punch. This is the best German underground record since years. You need to hear this band! (Listen to it here)