Thursday, February 28, 2013


LE CHOMAGE - S/T LP (Brique / Pouet! Schallplatten / Animal Biscuit)
Le Chomage are featuring members of many bands I've never been really into, but I guess thousands of other blog rockers are jumping for joy as I type AH Kraken, Scorpion Violente, Dreams, Crash Normal, The Normals and Feeling Of Love. However this four-piece from Strasbourg plays brilliant noisy postpunk with various different influences. A few songs sound like the riffs were stolen from Wires "Pink Flag" masterpiece. But then the very next number is made with driving basslines comparable to Joy Division and cold dissonant guitars in the vein of Birthday Party. They even throw in some 60s garage/ psych in the tradition of Jack Of Heart, Demon's Claw and Black Lips. And it all captures this kind of arty approach well known from The Intelligence, even if Le Chomage play a different kind of music. All those influences are mixed together to be modified with Le Chomage's very own chaos of heavy noise, feedbacks and sick vocal + guitar effects. A fuckin' brilliant postpunk record and probably the best French band since a long time. (Listen to it here)