Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The next instalment in the fast growing Obnox discography. Obnox is the moniker of Bim Thomas, who is well known from Puffy Areolas, The Bassholes or This Moment In Black History. While all previous Obnox releases were a noisy mix of garage, Per Ubu style protopunk and free-jazz, "Smoke Woody Haze" is the first one with a hip-hop influence, making it sound even more unique. To be honest I'm not very much into hip-hop, but I totally dig Obnox' interpretation of hip-hop. The opening track "dough" is a great start and a successfull experiment of merging garage punk with rap vocals. While listening to "Cash Weed Green" there's even a slight motown soul influence apparent. The last track from the a-side "Magnetix Attract" leads into a more noisy lo-fi style, comparable to Obnox' first "I'm bleeding now" LP. The b-side features four different versions of "Smoke Woody Haze". They are all less catchy, but more weird and noisy - a kind of music less easily to understand. It all sounds like taking drugs to make music to take drugs to. "Weed smoke blown out on the hip-hop tip with a cle punk feel appeal to it" is the description on the frontcover. I think this sums it up very well. Great stuff! (Listen to it here)