Saturday, February 9, 2013


Ugly Pop Records recently reissued some of the best kept secrets of the Canadian punk rock history including classic 7"s by Arson, Rock'n'Roll Bitches, The Spys, Crash Kills Five and this amazing piece of plastic. They've all been included in the great Smash The State compilation series, but of course they've all derserved an official reissue. The Hot Nasties released their one and only three track 7" back in 1980. "The Invasion Of The Tribbles" is by far the straightest song, even it lasts almost four minutes. It's based on a monotone repeat of few simple chords and it's pretty much focused on the vocals, varying between manic squeaks and a multiple voice "oh yeah" sing along. It ends up in a mess of noise. The other two tracks sound different, combining the vibe of classic punk with lofi-pop and a sense for great melodies not unlike early Televsion Personalitys. My favourite track is "I'm a confused Teenager" with it's teenage angst-ridden lyrics. (Listen to it here)       

MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS - Rocket To Nowhere 7" (Mighty Mouth)
This is a reissue of Mike Rep And The Quota's very first 7", originally released in 1975. The titletrack was also part of the Mike Rep And The Quotas "Stupor Hiatus" double lp compilation, released by Siltbreeze in 2009, but this 7" definitely deserved an independent reissue. The most impressing thing about this single is it's date: it doesn't sound like something you would expect from a record released in 1975. "Rocket From Nowhere" is some kind of flat-out raw blasting protopunk filled with ear-bleeding riffs and it's very own kind of weirdness. It's super primtive, made with only a few chords and it's been manipualted with freakin'-out live crowd sounds, even if it isn't a live record. It seems to be a joke about people, taking the whole rock'n'roll thing not too serious.The flipside is a really bizarre psych noise punk germ. Actually it's pure noise. And again: I'm writing about a record, released in 1975! (Listen to it here)

This was the one and only release by The Nothing from New York city. It first saw the light of day in 1979. Fortunately Sing Sing made this double a-side single available again. "Scream'n'Cry" combines 70s hard rock riffage with classic NY punkrock. Filled with plenty of short well-done guitar solos, this is a thoughout amazing punk rock blast. "Uniforms" on the flipside is famous from Killed By Death #9. It's less 70s rock influenced and definitely more on the punk side, in the vein of The Dead Boys, even if The Nothing sound rougher, more ugly and it's made with raw energy. Both tracks have a great super rough production and this kind of totally oldfashioned, straight 4-track(?) recording is just the perfect addition to The Nothing's musical style. (Listen to it here)
The Penetrators released two 7"s in 1979. Both have now been reissued by Windian Records. The reissue of "Gotta Have Her" 7" already came out in 2011. "Teenage Lifestyle" was the frist 7" by this great band from Syracuse, New York. While listening to this 7" it seems like The Penetrators didn't care about the whole punk boom in 1977: both tracks of this 7" are heavily influenced by 60s garage and the early 70s sound of Detroit rock city. Many current bands play a very simular style. If your digging Goner Records releases, you'll also be into The Penetrators. The funny things is: The Penetrators played this kind of music almost 35 years ago, but it still sounds fresh and exciting. "Teenage Lifestyle" is brilliant super catchy song with brilliant lyrics, a brilliant sing along chorus part and pure energy. A true winner. (Listen to it here)        

I haven't known this band from St Louis before BDR reissued their one and only vinyl release from 1981. Correct if I'm wrong, but I think they didn't made it on any Killed By Death ore other compilation series. Perhaps because this ain't some kind of standard music. The Philosphic Collage played a unique style of postpunk. The four tracks of this 7" are based on equally melodic and dissonant bass lines and complex drum beats. There is a guitar, but it doesn't play any regular chords. Instead of that it is only focused on creating noise with the help of feebacks and reverbs. The results sounds anything but conventional. The Philosphic Collage created their very own brand of arty punk without giving a fuck about what's popular under the trendoids. Imagine a mix of Wire, The Units and The Minutemen and you might imagine, how brilliant this 7" is. Every track is winner, really. Top nutch stuff. (Listen to it here)