Wednesday, February 13, 2013


FURY - FLYING 7" (HoZac)
Fury from New York were fronted by the very young Sonny Vincent  in a pre-The Testors and pre-punk era. While listening to this hot two track 7", it's hard to understand, why these recordings from 1972 have now been released for the very first time. But it's really not a reissue, it's the very first edition of this 7", which has been overlooked and unknown for 40 years! Back then Fury disbanded without a release. "Flying" on the a-side is a great hard rock germ with Sonny's signature style vocals in the forefront. Sounds like motorbikes, tight jeans and big balls. The flipside is heavily influenced by Detroit style protopunk. "100% Proof" is a straight blasting rock'n'roll mayhem, comparable to both The Stooges and MC5. And Sonny's vocals already sound like the later Testors material. Top notch stuff! (Listen to it here)

This 7" from 1980 was the one and only release by The Knots from New York. It's already the second reissue: 1977 records from Japan also released this 7" back in 2008, but since the first reissue is sold out and hard to find, it made sense to make this brilliant record available again. You might know "Action" on the b-side from Back To Front #4. A straight two minute blast of classic early US punkrock. It captures this certain kind of freshness from a era when punk was new. This special something, that can't be repeated, if you know what I mean!? As great as The Normals, Freestone, The Features, The Panics, The Fingers and all our your favourite US kbd punk heroes. The titletrack combines punk with good dose of power-pop. A Buzzcocks influence is apparent here. It's based on a catchy chorus, great melodic guitar hooks and a perfect songwriting. This is definitely a double a-side single. (Listen to here

Hailing from Maumee, Ohio The Necros were probably the best midwest hardcore band during the early 80s. They were formed in 1979 by a bunch of highschoolers and one year later they've recorded their first demo tape, that has now been reissed by Alona's Dream. It captures the sound of The Necros at a point, when they haven't yet started to write faster and tighter songs. While their later recordings show influences of both Black Flag and early Dischord hardcore, their demo is a lot more on the punk side. You get five rough and primitive songs, all with a playtime of only about one minute. "Peer Pressure", "Race Riot", "Public High School" and "I Hate My School" made it on their second "IQ32" 7". "Police Brutality" is a track of their first "Sex Drive" 7" (Touch&Go #1). So all five tracks are well known from their later releases, but the demo versions have a quite different pre-hardcore sound. A great document from The Necros' earliest days! (Listen to it here

P-NISSARNA - JUGEND 7" (Re-Ken Rock)
What a great classic punk mayhem. To be honest, I haven't known this band before. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but I think, they didn't made it on any Killed By Death and Bloodstains Across compilations. It's just amazing how many great and unknown punk bands existed during the late 70s and early 80s. P-Nissarna from Falun, a small town in the North of Sweden, were influenced by '77 UK bands like The Damned, Sex Pistols, Chelsea or The Adverts, even if this three track 7" sounds a lot faster, straighter and rougher. "Jugend" is the most memorable tracks with it's cheesy "Heil Heil Heil" lyrics, but I guess the use of nazi vocabulary was hip and "provocative" back then. "Plastic" has a great Sex Pistols rip-off guitar riff. The last track is "Benzin", which is also the most melodic one. This is really one of the best early Swedish punk records ever. Trust me! (Listen to it here

Finally a reissue of one of of the hardest to find Canadian punk singles. It includes both the original sleeve plus an alternate sleeve with unseen photos, which is a very nice addition. The Spys came from Windsor, Ontario, which is very close to Detroit (at the other side of the river). The guitar definitely shows a slight influence of their neighbour-town's protopunk tradition including MC5 like solos. But it's not the main influence: The Spys are a lot more focused on writing, simple and catchy punk tunes with great hooks. It all has a certain kind of youthful sound, which makes it so unique. "Underground" is a true winner track, with a perfect kind of sing-along chorus, that's keeps in mind after the first few spins. "Machine Shop" is another great song with lyrics about how stupid working can be. There's a slight Ramones influence mixed in for good measure. (Listen to it here