Sunday, February 3, 2013


CIRCLE X - HEARTBREAKER 7" (Poutre Apparente)
Circle X were formed in Louisville, but at the end of 1978 they moved to New York and released this two track 7" one year later. After that they lived for nine month in Dijon, France. During this period they've recorded their untitled 12". Their music is heavily incluenced by the New York no-wave sound and it praved the way for bands like Sonic Youth or Swans. "Heartbreaker" on the a-side of this 7" is a pretty catchy postpunk tune. Not that rough like most of their songs. "Look At The People" is made with a lot more dissonance, feedbacks and distortions. They were definitely ahead of their times with their damaged and super noisy style. This 7" was originally released in a limited edition of 200 copies, and included with issue #5 of Shvantz magazine. (Listen to it here)

CRIME - HOT WIRE MY HEART 7" (Kitten Charmer)
Crime from San Francisco were one of the first punk bands coming from the US westcoast and back in 1976 when "Hot Wire My Heart" came out, it was one of the first punk 7"s from the 70s. Crime were wearing regulation police uniforms at their shows and they made enemies with all trendoids and punk movement authorities of their hometown. Back then this 7" must have been an entlightment. Crime were ahead of their time and played wild and cranked out rock'n'roll, a lot more aggressive than The Stooges and almost everything before. The recording is pretty raw, but perfect. "Hot Wire My Heart" might be the more well known track, because Sonic Youth covered it on their "Sister" LP, but "Baby You're So Repulsive" on the flipside is also a brilliant punk smasher. (Listen to it here)   

Finland has produced so many great punk and hardcore bands in the late 70s and early 80s, it's just amazing. Recently Svart records has reissued many Finnish punk classics including LPs by Ratsia, Lama, Kolla Kestää and many of the 7"s, well known from the "Bloodstains across Finland" compilation. Nolla Nolla Nolla's first 7" shows influences of both: early punk and early hardcore. The 5 tracks range from raw proto hardcore, to snotty '77 style punk and postpunk comparable to early Wire. Troughout great stuff. The 7" comes with detailed linernotes written by a original bandmember. They give a explanation why there are short gabs in the recording. The studio session for this 7" was nothing but a mess, but it sounds great anyway. If you dig classic Finnish punk, you'll be digging this 7". (Listen to it here)

THE NUBS - I DON'T NEED YOU 7" (Last Laugh)
The next brilliant reissue of an American punk classic by Last Laugh records from Brooklyn. This is a 7" by The Nubs from New Hampshire. Don't confuse them with the Californian The Nubs and their amazing "Job" 7" (featured on Killed By Death #5). This 7" originally came out in 1979 and you might know them from Killed By Death #12. The a-side is a weird, but catchy number with super heavy fuzz effects, a driving ugly bass sound, screamy echo vocals and it's very own kind of punk humor: "You say you don’t need me anymore. That’s ok, because I’ve been bored. Let me tell you our reality. I don’t need you ’cause I got me." It will stuck in your head after the first listen. Comparable to Mentally Ill, if you need a reference. B-side is a super strange psych number made with poppy organ tunes. I think they don't take it too serious here. (Listen to it here)  

Right behind the United Kingdom Sweden was the European country with the second most punk bands in the late 70s and early 80s. Most of them only put out 7"s, only a few released full lenght records. PF Commando from Gävle were one of them. Their discography includes three full LPs and two 7"s. This is their first one from 1978 and it's their best together with their "Manipulare Mongon" LP. It came out in a edition of 365 copies, and it's a hard to find collecter item (you have to pay 200 euro and more). So it was time not make this release available for the non collector nerds public. You get 3 tracks of raw blasting pure Swedish Punk. It's definitely influenced by UK bands from that time, but P.F. Commando have mixed those influence with their own unique style. After P-Nissarna 7" and Framför Flötet this is already the third well done Swedish punk reissue on Re-Ken Rock. Can't wait to get more. (Listen to it here)