Tuesday, February 26, 2013


THE NEW SEASON - S/T 12" (Vacant Valley)
A reissue of the only recordings by this short-lived three-piece from Melbourne. The six songs originally came out as a CDR in 2003. Only 150 copies were made back then. This 12" also only came out in a edition of 300 limited records and these recordings definitely deserved an vinyl reissue! The New Season merge two different styles: On the one hand it sounds like pure Aussie rock'n'roll and the other hand the recordings shows influences of late 80s US indie/ postpunk. The sound of the guitar has this Stooges high energy rock'n'roll vibe comparable with the second wave of Aussie punk in the mid and late 80s. Simular to bands like Bored!, Sabotage, Celibate Rifles, The Twenty Second Sect and Cosmic Psychos. The indie/ postpunk influence is apparaent in connection with their songwriting and arrangements. The vocal style also seems so to be heavily influenced by J Mascis. So it seems like The New Season got their inspiration from several Dinosaur Jr., Hüsker Dü and Lemondheads records. But in the end it's there very own unique style. Top notch stuff! (Listen to it here)
PSY ANTS - BIT TONGUE PRIK 12" (Vacant Valley)
This record really derserves to be called "noise-rock" and emphasis is definitely on "noise". Psy Ants are focsued on massive drum beats and driving bass lines. The guitar produces feedbacks, reverbs, dissonant riffage and all kinds of squeaking for most of the time. There are only a few regular, straight riffs. On top of that there are languid and monoton vocals modified with echo effects. The production sounds clear and dry with a focus on the rhythm section. Especially the drums are very well produced with a super powerful sound. The production is comparable with Shellac and Steve Albini recordings, even if Psy Ants play a much more noisy, and weird style of noise-rock. In the first place this is broken and damaged music. Psy Ants are definitely not one of the million band, trying to imitate what's hip today. This is their very own  no-compromise noise.(Listen to it here) 

This is compilations features 19 current Melbourne bands and solo artists, each contributing  one track. There's not a single boring track. It's a well done document of the current underground scene of Melbourne, capturing a large variety of different genres and many pretty unknown acts. NTH Wheel start with a gloomy noise-punk germ. The Bunytip Moon play Blanks Dog like wave-punk. White Walls are into early 90s indie. Full Ugly's quiet indie-folk reminds me of Bitch Prefect. Go Genre Everything's weird electro-pop is made with sick vocal effects. Popolice have a great bandname and play weird indie-pop not unlike Half Japanese. Superstar contrubute a quiet instrumental psych number. Where Were You At Lunch sound like the US band Flight, which means it's noisy electro punk. The Clits are comparable with The Intelligence, even if their artpunk has a 60s pop influence. Mad Nanna start the b-side with their very own monotone folk. Pop Singles sound very British. For fans of 80s UK wave, postpunk and indie. Dane Certificate play dissonant postpunk not unlike Wire or The Fall. Sir Good Grobble are comparable with Black Bug's electropunk. Joussiance play ugly and noisy female-fronted grunge-punk. Deep Heat have a sense for great melodies and hooks not unlike Hot Snakes. The Stevens are another band with a very British sound, focused on catchy indie and pospunk from the 80s. Wolf 359 sound like a band on Not Not Fun with their hot easy-listening electro sounds. Pronoun are into 80s minimal wave and Ratsak finish this compilation with straight blasting punkrock / proto-hardcore. All bands are great, but my favourites are: The Bunytip Moon, White Walls, Pop Singles, Jouissance, Deep Heat, The Stevens and Ratsak. This LP is a must have! (Listen to it here)