Monday, March 4, 2013


I've become aware of Anti Fade records through last year's 7"s by Gooch Palms and Living Eyes. The label is based in Geelong, Australia. Billy runs it from his bedroom. He's also a member of The Living Eyes. All Anti Fade releases are characterised by their 60s garage, beat and psych influences. Read the following reviews for more details...
First vinyl release by this Melbourne based trio. This 7" features four brilliant garage-psych germs, that sound like they came directly from the 60s. There's definitely a Texas psych vibe apparent here. The totally oldfashioned production underlines their musical approach. It totally dig this total denial of modern recording. If I didn't know it better, I would think those tracks have been recorded 45 years earlier. The heavy fuzz is pushed in the forefront while adding walls of psych sludge and sick vocal effects. They also throw in some beat and folk influences. The biggest suprise is "Farmyard Song" with it's astonishingly great xylophone(?) parts. So if you're looking for a hot current 60s throwback, this four track 7" is for you. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on mixed color vinyl.(Listen to it here)

Hierophants share members with Frowning Clouds, who also have a single out on Anti Fade. Compared with the Anti Fade label roster they're probably the ones with the most weird sound not unlike Black Time. The four numbers are rooted in 60s psych and garage, but Hierophants have created a sick and extreme style including spaced out vocal effects, tons of crushing fuzz, groove and smart song titles. The single begins with "The Ultimely End Of The One You Love", a weird slow psych-pop germ with a 60s Texas vibe. "Wray Gunn" shows a slight surf influence. It's a fascinating instrumental with a catchy handclap beat. The flipside features "Beat Your Chest For The Hierophants" based on weird chorusing vocals. The powerful closing track “Death and Burial of the Hierophants” is focused on a smashing guitar riff, that sound like it's been stolen from a 60s garage record. Great stuff! (Listen to it here)
LIVING EYES - S/T LP (Anti Fade)
This is the debut album by The Living Eyes from Geelong, Australia and it's also the first LP release on Anti Fade. It follows a 7" on the Spanish label Saturno and their excellent "Ways To Make A Living" single from last year. The Living Eyes play their very own blend of 60s inspired punkrock. There's a definitely a The Monks influence apparent in the songwritting and in the undercurrent of catchy melodies. The heavy dose of fuzz and sick texas psych guitar-solos underline their 60s sound. But they also throw in some 70s Aussie punk and rock'n'roll simular to The Saints or Psycho Surgeons. And all those different influences fit so well together like gin and tonic water. On top of it the Living Eye have some really charasmatic vocals due to their youthful and gnarly style. The recording is super tight and it has a great modern production: It sounds energetic and clean, but at the same time it captures The Living Eyes 60s vibe very well. These 12 tracks are some of the best current garage punk and a brilliant record without exception! It's not out yet, but it will be relased in April, so you should start safing your money to get this LP. (Listen to it here)

Ross De Chene Hurricanes are yet another smashing 60s inspired band from down under. Of course it's all made with super heavy fuzz, that will make your ears bleed. They are taking their influences from 60s garage and psych, but the production of this three track 7" sounds not too oldfashioned. It's dry and modern, but at the same it also captures the vibe of a 4-track live recording. The best thing about Ross De Chene Hurricanes are their amazing vocal lines full of melodies that will keep in mind after the first few spins. While most tracks are midtempo, "Keep It Yorself" is by far the fastest and wildest one - a super straight one and a half minute garage blast. I think this brilliant 7" is comparabel with the sound of the San Francisco neo-60s scene including TY Segall, Mikal Cronin, The Moonhearts, Fresh And Onlys, White Fence and all this great shit. It comes with a CD, that has three more tracks, which I enjoy much more than those stupid digital download codes! (Listen to it here)

The Straight Arrows are probably the most famous current Aussie garage band: They've a bunch of great records out, including releases on HoZac, RIP Society or Goodbye Boozy. This is a repress of their first two hard to find 7"s from 2007 and 2008 on just one piece of plastic. And these four tunes definitely deserved an reissue. In my opinion these recordings are some of their best, at least they are their roughest. Based on a sick lo-fi 4-track(?) production, this is just super raw and fuzzy blasting garage with a sense for catchy vocal lines. The recordings sounds like a primitive sound mash and it's impossible to make out the sound of the single instruments. It's just one big blast and this is the great thing about it. "Can't Count" and "Jeepster" are my favorite tracks. A must have! (Listen to it here)