Monday, March 11, 2013


Ok this might not be the kind of record review, you expect from my this blog. Honestly I also wouldn't have thought, that I write about Bad Religion's new full lenght, but it's a lot better than most of their previous records since the mid 90s. As you might know Bad Religion are a punkrock allstar group featuring Brian Baker (Government Issue, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty), Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Red Cross) as well as founding members Greg Gaffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley. On "True North" they've reduced their music to the essentials. The 16 songs are fast, straight and pretty simple without exception. This musical reduction is the main reason, why Bad Religion succed to reanimate the best moments of their band history in the late 80s and early 90s. They find a good balance between melodies and the necessary heavyness. Of course they do not negate their overdone anthem-like refrains full of "aaahhs" and "ooohhs". Yes they are pretty cheesy, but they are part of of their typical trademark sound and this kind of refrain are just something a Bad Religion record needs to have. Try to forget all the crap Bad Religion has released in the last 20 years and give this record a chance. It's worth it! (Listen to it here)