Thursday, March 14, 2013


CUNTZ - ALOHA LP (Homeless)
Second release on Homeless records after Bits Of Shit's debut full lenght and it's yet another winner record. Hailing from Melbourne Cuntz merge sludge with dissonant noise-rock and 70s punk. Many current bands play a simular brand of music, but Cuntz unique and authentic style set themself apart from the common noise punk. "Aloha" is characterised by it's sheer ugliness without a spark of hope both lyricaly and musicaly. Massive drum beats, that sometimes seem to break together are paired with powerful bass lines and a excellent mixture of straight blasting punk guitar riffs and manic squeaking. In some songs they also use alien-sounding synth-parts, making it even more weird. The super harsh vocals are modified with reverbs. They sound like they were recorded in cold echo cave. Of course Flipper are a obvious reference. Even if currently everything noisy seems to be compared with Flipper it's appropiate here. Add some Jesus Lizard like noise-rock and classic Aussie punk vibe in the vein of X and Psycho Surgeons and you might get a idea, how great this record is! (Listen to it here)