Thursday, March 7, 2013


HOAX - CAGED 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
This is already Hoax' fourth 7" after releases on Deranged, Painkiller, Youth Attack and Katorga Works and it's yet another smashing record. This four-piece keeps it primitive and they reduce their brand of hardcore on it's most origin essentials. Both tracks are heavily bass driven. They've developed their very own unique style of a full distorted bass and guitar sound. The result sounds extreme, monstrous and powerful. Crushing mosh parts are paired with super ugly gruff vocals and pounding straight drum beats. It's all made with a Youth Attack mysterious guy vibe, never appeared artificial or awkward. I saw them on their European tour and it was a devastating ten minute blast. Really a great band and a great 7". (Listen to it here)

To be honest I think this my first record by a Mexican band. I guess I've missed many great records. At least Innservibles are fuckin awesome, but I've overseen their previous four 7"s and one full LP! They nail down five manic blasts of super noisy hardcore. Their songs are based on sick echo vocals, squeaky guitars and frantic drum beats. It's got this slight metallic edge of Danish bands on Posh Isolation, but Inservibles are also heavily influenced by classic Italian hardcore in the vein of Wretched and Cheetah Crome Motherfuckers. It's all made with plenty of reverbs, feedbacks and distortions. The result sound like a mess of super wild and brutal hardcore. Top notch stuff! (Listen to it here

Post Teens are featuring members of Asshole Parade and Torche, but you're completely wrong, if you think they would merge fastcore with sludge and stoner. Instead of that Post Teens play fast catchy punkrock with a slight hardcore edge and a undercurrent of great melodies. Think of The Marked Men meets early Fucked Up. Great Stuff! Mauser contribute a Bombananfall cover and it's just another good example, that they're probably the best current band within the noisy hardcore genre. A super tight assault of feedbacks, reverbs, distortion and raw power. Of course two songs are pretty short, but they are both great. So this two minute blast is definitely worth it! (Listen to it here)

"No Political. No Message. Love Noise" says it on the frontcover and this sums it up very well. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia The Vaginors take things not too serious. This is noise made by a bunch of reatards. Musically it's a total Confuse & Gai worship based on ear-bleeding distortion, primitivity and raw punk energy. They add some melodic hooks for good measure. Lyrically the record title is fuckin' true: "Total Nonsense". You need an example? Here we go: "Nonsense on my mind. Loud music all the time. Total total nonsense. More more more. No more bolognese". The vocals are screamy and high pitched comparable to Mickey Mouse. This is so sick, stupid, reatarded and primitive. I totally dig The Vaginors sense of humour. I think the message is: Don't take yourself too serious - an important one in the world of hardcore. A true winner record! (Listen to it here)

Have you ever asked yourself, how a band's debut release would sound like, if they had recorded it years later? Yacöpsae from Hamburg, Germany give you an answer to this question. They've recorded their first 7" again, 21 years after it orginally came out. They write: "this is how this crap should have sounded like back then". They nail down 21 tracks(!) of grinding fastcore and yes it sounds a lot tighter and faster than the original ones. It's made with their brandmark sound of screechy distortion, but their manic stop and go's, well known from their later releases, are missing here. The 7" includes a great Nirvana anti-cover called "Smells Like Shit" and cover of "Boys don't cry" by The Cure. So not the kind of cover songs, you would exspect from a fastcore band, but it's great that Yacöpsae give a fuck about punk conformity. They are probably the best German band, playing extreme music and it's amazing that they are still around after almost 23 years. This 7" is a great tríbute to their own earliest days! (Listen to it here)