Friday, March 22, 2013


Five years after "See You in Magic" finally a second full lenght release by Night Marchers from San Diego, California. They consist of three Hot Snakes members and members of other San Diego bands. So if you dig the following bands, you'll probably also be digging Night Marchers, even if there are slight differences: They sound like Hot Snakes without a Wipers influences but with John Reis responsible for the vocals. They sound like Rocket From the Crypt without the horn section. They sound like Drive Like Jehu without the post-hardcore influence and they don't sound as straight as The Sultans. Nevertheless Night Marchers merge influences of the aforementioned acts and their music is not something completely new. This should not be regarted as criticsm. I really can't get enough bands sounding like this and this neglect of all current trends is just the great thing about this record. Night Marchers brand of punkrock is rooted in 50s rock'n'roll, 60s garage and 70s protopunk in the vein of Rocket From The Tombs, Death and Destroy All Monsters, but in the end it's this their own typical brandmark sound. The focal point of their numbers are John Reis highly characteristic vocals. In addition to that "Allez Allez" is distinguished by a perfect song writing full of catchiness, variety and plenty of fanatstic melodies. I had a lot of fun reading the lyrics to "Big In Germany", even if Bern isn't German at all, but yeah we Germans love John Reis related bands und this is yet another great addition in the collection. The artwork looks great too! (Listen to it here)