Monday, March 11, 2013


THE MEN - ELECTRIC 7" (Sacred Bones)
You never know what to expect from a The Men record, since they are one of the most convertible bands around. Their influences range from postpunk to indie, 70s punk, drone, shoegaze and psychedelic rock. On this brand new two track 7" they've pushed their punk and and indie influences way in to the forefront. Both numbers are filled with plenty of melodies and super catchy riffs and vocal lines. It's comparable to early 90s indie in the vein of Dinosaur Jr, Pavement and Sonic Youth, even if it's more on the punk side with a excellent old fashioned production. It sounds like the way the songs are recorded intends to be a homage the New York 70s punk history. Both tunes capture a style of production that's comparable to the first Ramones records. It's pretty much  focused on the crushing guitars and I dig it very hard. As I type this The Men have released their fourth album on Sacred Bones and this double a-side single is more than just a nice appetizer! (Listen to it here)