Wednesday, April 17, 2013


AVON LADIES - S/T 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
Not matter which Fashionable Idiots release you puchase, I bet you won't be dissapointed. Avon Ladies second 7" is yet another great example. They are fronted by Chris Erba, who's well known from several Cleveland hardcore bands like H-100s, Ruiners and Upstab. He has formed Avon Ladies after moving to Arizona. Their first 7" came out on Katorga Works. They've disbanded before this second 7" saw the light of day. Avon Ladies merge origin hardcore rooted in the sound of classic midwest bands  from the early 80s with a more contemporary style. Both sides of this 7" feature one fast hardcore blast and a slower, gloomy track with a slight "mysterios guy" vibe. The fast songs are comparable with other 80s inspired US hardcore bands like Double Negative, Nomos, The Repos or Chronic Seizure. An excellent hardcore 7"! (Listen to it here

GRABBIES - SHUT UP & LEARN LIVE 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
This is some real stupid music. The Grabbies were a short-lived San Francisco based band formed by a bunch of Italian immigrants, Their vocalist says: "Fuck you I learned English from listening to punk rock records". This might be the reason why his vocabulary is pretty much focused on the words fuck you, fuck and fuckin'. This 7" features live recordings including messages like "I wanna be blind. because I don't want to to see your fucking shitty face". The recording quality is raw and lo-fi. You almost can't hear any drums and it's focused on loud crushing guitars. So it's not easy to describe The Grabbies music. It's primitive and fast, but it's more on the punk side. Like KBD punk on speed with a Stooges feel. It reminds me of early Dwarves recordings, at least that's my impression, but it's just too lo-fi. Don't get me wrong: This 7" is great the way it is and I'm totally into The Grabbies full retarded approach. So if you dig primtive music driven by stupidity and hate, you'll also bee digging this record. (Listen to it here)

WILD CHILD  - DEMO 7" (Fashionable Idiots) 
Another demo has been released on a 7" - no uncommon news in the current world of hardcore, but this demo is really one of the best I've heart during the last couple of years. Like so many other bands Wild Child from Minneapolis play 80s influenced hardcore, but it's done with a much more unique sound, which sets them appart from an average hardcore sound. It's not easy to put Wild Child in any categories. Their music is fresh and chaotic with a undercurrent of melodies. It maintains a early L.A. punk vibe even it's more on the hardcore side. The vocals are really outstanding. They are snotty in the vein of Darby Crash even if they are too various to sound like a complete reproduction. Wild Child have released another regular first 7" on Deranged, which should be great too. (Listen to it here)