Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The small town Geelong (close to Melbourne) is the home of some totaly amazing new down under punk acts. I've already recommended The Living Eyes, but Ausmuteants are not any worse, even if their music is rooted in a different century: So don't expect any sixties garage influences here: this single is a excellent Devo worship. Ausmuteants nail down four tracks of fast keyboard driven punkrock with a sense for great melodies. Especially the two tracks on the a-side sound like a complete homage to late 70s and early 80s pioneers like The Screamers, The Units and Devo. The flipside starts with "Red-Bellied Black Snake", which is a lot more comparable to Jay Reatard and Lost Sounds. It's followed by "Bloody Rip-Off", a slower 70s punk number, that remains the keyboard influence more in the background. Limited to 300 copies only. (Listen to it here)

Heavy Times have become one of my favourite acts within the HoZac label roster. I've been digging their "Jacker" 12" back from 2011 very hard and this brandnew three track 7" is just equally amazing. It starts with "Unsolved" - a true winner track. A energetic one and a half minute punkrock blast based on a super catchy and fuzzy guitar melody, that will stuck in your head after the first few spins. The vocals tend to be a little Ramones influenced, but during the forthcoming two tracks they turn into a blank spoken style. "Mysteries" and "Bath Salts" are way more poppier while remaining a good dose of their typical punk rock fury. Heavy Times succeed to play classic punkrock without sounding like a copy of a certain style or band. This is something, that distinguishs them from most other current punk bands. I love the drawing on the frontcover and I'm deeply terrified by the guy on the backcover. (Listen to it here)
No new month without a new Obnox release, but that's perfect: I really can't get enough of Bim Thomas' solo works. The a-side, which is named "pro side", begins with "Rock'n'Roll Babylon" a frantic, raw and noisy tune in the tradition of Pere Ubu style Cleveland protopunk. It's filled with catchy vocals lines and fuzzed out guitar solos. "Ciara" is a more MC5-like poppy high energy rock'n'roll number. The flipside is called "black side" and "The President Smokes" picks up where Bim Thomas left off with his brilliant "Smoke Woody Haze" 12": A superb mix of hip hop and his noisy garage punk. Totally unique and totally amazing. This four track single ends with the titletrack "A Ragin' In The Sun". It's based on a simple and classic late 70s punk riff and it's again filled with plenty of catchy vocal melodies. Obnox fuckin' rule just like this 7" fuckin' rules! (Listen to it here)

I've finally got a copy of Protomartyrs third release in 2012 and no suprise: it's another true winner record. "Baseball Bat" is by far their straightest and fastest songs. A wild punkrock blast. They slow things down with "You're with a creep", which is a lot more focused on poppy melodies.  "The Milk Drinkers" is the most memorable track. It compresses everything, that's so great about Protomartyr's highly unique style in one and a half minutes. The final track "Psychic Doorbell" leads to a more gloomy musical style, taking influences from early 80s dark British postpunk. Protomartyr's music is not really something completely new, but it tends to be a lot more interesting and various than everything else they are comparable with. The amazing guitar work and the highly distinctive more spoken than sung vocals are definitely two main reasons why this Detroit based band has become one of my current favourites. This 7" is nothing but a must have! (Listen to it here