Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview with WATERY LOVE

Watery Love from Philadelphia play their very own unique style of negative punkrock. They've released three brilliant 7"s for Siltbreeze, Negative Guestlist and Richie. Max was so kind to answer my questions. 

First of all, would you like to introduce your band? How long have you been playing and why did you start Watery Love?
Watery Love is Richie Charles singing and playing guitar, Max Milgram on guitar, Ben Leaphart on drums, and Dan Dimaggio on bass. Ben is a new member, but an old friend, who recently joined when Meg Baird moved across the country. WL started when 3 drinking buddies had free time and easy access to a room with loud guitars and a drumset. For some reason we stuck with it and have blossomed from 3 incompetent nitwits to 4 well-seasoned pros.

Your “Die With Dignity” 7” came out on Siltbreeze. Is it something special to be part of the Siltbreeze history together with bands like Dead C, Harry Pussy, Halo of Flies or Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments? 

Of course. Siltbreeze is one of the most important American underground labels ever. I'd even put them on par with ESP or something, so many different weird styles represented that no one else would have thought to connect. TJ's a friend and co-worker, has turned us onto so many wild records and cooking techniques. 

How did you get in contact with Negative Guestlist? Brisbane, Australia isn’t really close to Philadelphia.
Yeah, but everything's connected in our modern day internet culture. Brendon was a tireless and voracious music freak. I think he probably met Richie when he was in Australia but I'm sure there would have been some kind of correspondence no matter what. Just people being into roughly the same kinds of sounds and attitudes, smart negative punk vibes but not restricted soley to punk music.

Which current bands from Philadelphia are worth to check out? Please give us a short report of your local scene!
Birds of Maya (Ben is their drummer) are always the kings of the crop, the most organic blues/psych jamming around. They have a couple spin-offs, the best being Hoagie Jungle. Chris Forsyth is a solo guitar player, I guess I'd vaguely say he plays a loner, ultra-minimal strain of classic rock.  He has a band sometimes too, and they're excellent, lotsa scalling peaks in a Popol Vuh/Television kinda way. Strapping Fieldhands are still around, but rarely play, hopefully that'll change.  And the Bardo Pond people are always playing in interesting projects. The one I'm most excited about is a "desert blues" thing with local guru Harmonica Dan, really open and dusty sounding.

Correct me, if I’m wrong: You play most of your shows in your hometown. Have you ever been touring? Would it be possible for you, to tour Europe or the USA? Do you have any plans for tours?

We spent a weekend in the midwest that was fun but that's about it.  If someone wanted to pay for plane tickets for a festival we'd do it but other than that I don't think any of us have the means of taking off work for extended periods or even any desire to be in each other's company for the duration of time that would require. We just don't care about that aspect of being in a band. 

Your “Die With Dignity” 7” was limited to 330 copies only and I’m still searching for a copy of your debut 7”. Have you ever thought about repressing those 7”s? What’s your opinion about limited editions? Isn’t it more useful to release records in a higher quantity to keep them available?
That's not strictly true- I believe TJ did press up a bunch more so it's probably closer to 500 copies. 7"s are really expensive to make these days, and I'm not the one who has to pay for them. You don't make money selling them so there's no financial reason to have a bunch just sitting around for years. I think the pressing size is realistic, like there really aren't great quantities of people who want them and can't get them. We have toyed around with the idea of doing a 12" with all the singles compiled. So maybe that'll happen.

I’m wondering, if people from other countries are listening to bands from Germany. So what is your favorite German music?
I can't speak for the globe, but yeah, there's been decades of mind-blowing sounds coming out of Germany.  From all the krautrock to that whole 39 Clocks axis.  I don't really know about anything current, if that's what you're getting at, but the most "recent" (and this is still a good 8 years old at this point) band I liked was T.A.S.K., who are an offshoot of Floating Di Morel.  I can't pick a favorite German record, man. Too many great ones.

What are you future plans? Any upcoming releases?
We have a single coming out, 2 covers of NYC punk/hardcore chestnuts.  And then our full-length, "Decorative Feeding". Both these on In the Red with the "classic" Richie/Max/Meg/Dan lineup.  We've been holed up in the basement playing more than ever so hopefully some new stupid songs will trickle out eventually.