Sunday, April 28, 2013


Fortunately the title doesn't reflect the record's quality. To the contrary, Bed Wettin' Boys' (what a great name for a band!) debut full lenght is anything but boring. It's just as amazing as their previous two 7" releases. Bed Wettin' Boys play guitar-driven tunes with a undercurrent of  partly poppy melodies. The vocals are supportive and melodic for most of the time. They remain a certain kind of roughness and a tendency to sound a bit out or wrong in the most positive way. Apart from the vocals and guitar work everything else is more or less stripped down and this is one of the major secrets of Bed Wettin' Boys' songwriting. "Ready For Boredom" shows hints of 80s and early 90s indiepunk bands like Mega City Four, Hüsker Dü (without their effect loaded guitar sound) and mid-era The Replacements. Scott & Charlene's Wedding are another more current reference, but at same time they take influences from the Aussie rock'n'roll tradition including The Saints, AC/DC as well as Citadel bands from the mid 80s. Sounds great, doesn't it? And yes I really can't recommend this album highy enough! (Listen to it here)

HOUSEWIVES - S/T 7" (R.I.P. Society)
Houswives are another new fantastic band from Australia. They crank out four tracks of noisy punkrock. The lo-fi prodiction is super rough and that's just the perfect addition to Housewives damaged and weird style. Their songs sound furious, they're heavy blasting and filled with plenty of squeaking guitar solos. There becomes a protohardcore vibe obvious, that's simular to Keith Morris-era Black Flag. But Housewives push that kind of music forward to a more extreme level. Their numbers are more focused on punkrock than on hardcore, made with a certain kind of catchiness, which sharply distinguishs them from beeing some kind of "mysterious guy" like noisy hardcore. "Special Power" is probably the best track with it's brilliant hand clap beat. Housewives are comparable with the genius of The Homstupids - one of my favourite current bands, so this really top notch stuff! (Listen to it here
RAW PRAWN - S/T 7" (R.I.P. Society)
I'm totally into the frontcover's cheesy sense of humour. Even if I hate dogs. Probably it's because most of them don't wear sunglasses!? Anyway, Raw Prawn are a new Sydney based band featuring members of Holy Balm and Whores and this three track single is their very promising debut release. They play post-punk, but not in a quiet, dark or dissonant way. Instead of that they push the punk vibe in the forefront and keep it straight and furious blasting. If they had showed up 30 years earlier in the UK, they would have been a great addition to a Messthetics compilation. It seems like both Swell Maps and X (the Australian ones) have been major influences for Raw Prawn's style. Of course their fellow countrymen U.V. Race are another obvious reference, but it's definitely indepent and unique enough to be more than just a band that sounds like U.V. Race. This is their very own brand of postpunk and every single track on this single is absolutely outstanding! (Listen to it here

WOOLLEN KITS - FOUR GIRLS LP (R.I.P. Society / Trouble In Mind)
Many current bands are into 60s influenced music, but Woollen Kits are definitely an exception among them: No fuzzed out guitars, no psych, no folk. Instead of that they play songs with minimal musical arrangements. This reduction works like a focusing on the most important substance of their songs. Equipped with an arsenal of a clean and polished guitar sound, driving bass lines and simple drum beats Woollen Kits write gorgeous tunes with inconspicious melodies floating through. Members Tom and Tom are responsible for the vocals. They vary between a more supportive and melodic style and a deeper voice with a drained attitude. "Susannah" with it's brilliant horn interplay, "Cheryl" and the opening track "Back To You" are just astonishing great tracks. Velvet Underground have been an major influence for Woollen Kits brand of rock'n'roll. There are also simularities to the Christchurch sound of the early 80s, that used Velvet Underground as the main influence for their very own kind of punkrock. I've already been digging Woollen Kits' previous releases, but "Four Girls" is definitely their best effort so far. (Listen to it here)