Thursday, May 2, 2013

BIG EYES - DEMO 2010 7"

BIG EYES - DEMO 2010 7" (Grave Mistake / Evil Weevil)
There has been a hype about this band (at least in the small world of punk), that I couldn't really understand, until I've picked this repress of their demo 7", that has been unavailable for some time. It features the very best four tracks, I've heart by them so far. Their songs are rooted in the tradition of US east coast punk and protopunk bands from the 70s. Influences from The Stooges, Ramones, New York Dolls and Dead Boys are apparent here, even if they combine it with a more contemporary style of poppunk comparable with current bands on Dirtnap records like for example White Wires, Mean Jeans or Sonic Avenues. Plenty of fantastic melodies are floating through their guitar-driven numbers. The female vocals are totally outstanding, because they are made with a highly charismatic style. "You Ain't The Only One" is my favourite track. It's rotates heavily on my record player! It's one of those songs, you can not listen often enough to. But this whole 7" is top notch stuff without exception. I definitely need to get a copy of their latest full lenght, that recentely also came out on Grave Mistake! (Listen to it here)