Thursday, May 23, 2013


There's not only a high quantity of outstanding bands coming from Australia, but most of them also play their very own independent and unique music. Exhaustion are yet another good example. This Melbourne based trio shares members with other well known groups like Ooga Boogas, Deaf Wish, Lower Plenty and Keith's Yard. "Future Eaters" features seven epic tracks of grim rock'n'roll, that combines a large variety of different music genres. Exhaustion's tunes are based on loops of driving bass lines and stoic, monotonic drum beats. The captivating groove sounds more crushing with every new repeat. It's best illustrated in "No Place For A Holiday" - an extented eleven minutes journey. The rhythm section shows slight hints of gloomy aussie postpunk simular to Birthday Party and The Scientists, even it's more rock influenced with a colder sound. The guitar adds a wall of reverb-friendly weirdness, mixing blown out Texas psych with an experimental approach, hints of krautrock and a view straight riffs. The focus is definitely on the instrumental arrangements, but even if the vocals are more in the background, their anti-supportive spoken style is one of the characteristic features of Exhaustion's sound. The musical parallels aren't really apparent, but I think the weirdness of the recordings captures simularities to Flipper's "Generic" full lenght. Top notch stuff! (Listen to it here)