Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interview with DIÄT

Incomprehensibly there was a lack of good bands coming from Berlin, but things have changed during the last couple of years. Diät are one of those great new bands. They are heavily influenced by UK new wave-punk from the early 80s. Chris (bass+vocals) answered most of my questions. Iffi (drums) is responsible for the one about his Static Shock record store and Static Age label.

Who is who and what’s the idea behind Diät?
We were three guys with a history playing hardcore who were pretty jazzed about bleak UK punk like Crisis, The Mob, Crass, Blitz, all that junk. We tried to make some of it for ourselves but found we couldn't strip back the hiss and fuzz enough to replicate the grand masters of grim and went in the other direction instead, adding a second guitarist to add more layers of noise and energy. We are best described as a tough new wave band.

You just arrived from a two week tour. What was it like? Best shows? Strangest and most extreme experience?
The strangest and most extreme experiences occurred daily for about 25 minutes when our travel companions, PUFF, took to the stage. Freaks! The most interesting contrast was playing a Wagenplatz in Luzern in front of some humble Wagenvolk, flanked by the alps and warmed by the local spliff, then days later playing a Vice Magazine launch party to Wien's best dressed in a sausage shop. Before our Monday night show in Zuerich we were given a blessing by the holy mother of Swiss punk, Sara Schaer (of TNT/The Kick fame)... Anton PUFF laid down in human shit while playing Birdman on the side of the Autobahn... Diaet got photographed with GBH...

I read, that you’ve formed to open the Berlin show of Total Control. Is it true?
See MRR for the full explanation but in short, no, we formed independently and when our friends in Total Control booked flights to Berlin and asked for our help organising them a gig, we went one better and booked them a dodgy support band to make their performance look even stronger.

2/3 of you are native Australians. Why have you moved to Berlin?
Life during Australia's current golden age of prosperity and economic growth is too comfortable to inspire the tales of suffering and hopelessness we get off on. This long winter, this frozen March we are experiencing in Berlin right now, for instance, is perfect. We just wrote a song about the police! Jack, our recently acquired second guitarist, also claims to be Australian and sounds enough like it but I am convinced he in fact grew from a glass ash tray cum petri dish containing splashes of bong water, radioactive hallucinogens and cold perspiration sweat by John SPK.
What’s the main difference between the punk & underground scene in Germany and in Australia?
People print a lot more stickers in Germany.
Iron Lung released your debut 7”. How did you get in contact with them?
Unsolicited email. It was so effective, I just sent another one to everyone in my mailing list asking them to allow me to transfer a very large sum of money from my family's estate in my homeland Nigeria into their account so as to avoid taxes and corrupt government officials. 15% commission.
You’ve recorded a 12”. When will it be out and what will it sound like?
We cancelled our plans again and release insted of the 12" annother 7" on Iron Lung. We just did not like the recordings anymore, as well, we are a 4 piece now, a second guitar, so we just want to make it sound better!
Iffi you’re running a label and a record store. Please give is a quick insight of both your label and the record store!Yes, thats right, i run Static Shock Musik here in Berlin, not to be confused with the UK one ( who was first, sorry Ellis ... !!! ) and Static Age Musik. It`s great to run it, even if i dont earn that much etc. ... but for me that was always my dream ... gladly my girlfriend pushed me hard enough to do it. Static Age fits perfect to it, so i can release whatever i like ( reissues and new stuff ) and can trade fine records from all over the world to re-sell em at the shop. So far i released a whole lot of different stuff ... for example : Glueams - Discography Lp, Noem 12", Heavy Nukes 7", Ilegal - La Vida 7", The Kick - Reel but Real Lp, Bellevue - Discography Lp, Tremors - Demo Tape, V/A Iron Lung Mixtape,Nerveskade - s/t Lp, Belgrado - s/t Lp, BI - Marks Lp,  Napalm - Discography Lp and some other stuff. Next will be hopefully the Hypnotic Sleep Lp, great stuff from Fabian ( Burial ) !!! And then the new Bi Marks Tour 12" together with Franz from Sabotage.
Currently there are many great new bands coming from Berlin. Give us a short report of the most important ones!
PUFF are mostly Berlin natives so are of course completely unbalanced, proper outsider weirdo types who produce intense and great synth punk! Levitations are ladies playing moody, driving punk, Muelltuete are a 2 piece (now 3 piece?) explosion of raw, fast clanging and Piss are the Swedish crust model as viewed through the dregs of a Sterny.

What are your main influences, when you write Diät songs?
Hmmm, we all like early UK Peace Punk, Crisis, Siekiera, Killing Joke and that stuff.
A question about your artwork: What’s the idea behind the vintage lesbian erotica on the cover of your 7”?It's like a Mad Magazine fold-in - when you bring the outer quarters of the sleeve together in the middle, you are left with an indiscernible image and the realisation that you just fucked your record cover! So conceptual, right? Get folding.

What do you prefer: music blogs or printed fanzines?
For entertaining and thought provoking critique and review of punk music I'd rather just hear Schotter and Iffi get in a fight over Black Flag's "Slip It In" or the first Skrewdriver 7" down at the shop.

What is on your record player right now?
An Earth Crisis sticker! It's not mine, I promise. Other than that, we only listen to Spanish affiliated bands now. Glam, Una Bestia Uncontrollable, Fracaso, Orden Mundial, Ano, Absurdo, Crosta, Paralisis Permanente, Vulpes...

What are your future plans?
More gigs and some festivals over Summer, a couple of singles, a real LP, a Spanish tour (Spain!) and maybe, just maybe a trip to Seppoland one day.

Something else people should know about Diät?
We can play our instruments.