Friday, May 3, 2013

Interview with PUSRAD

Pusrad consist of the same two-piece line up like Raped Teenagers, who had a bunch of great releases during the late 80s and early 90s. With Pusrad Packe(guitar/vocals) and Peter(drums) push the hardcore sound of their previous band on a new level, compressing only it's best moments into short but varied 30 seconds blasts. Peter answered my questions. You can find a German version of this interview in Trust fanzine #159. 


Who had the idea to start Pusrad? You have the same line-up like Raped Teenagers, so why not a Raped Teenagers reunion? 
Pusrad came about after a Raped Teenagers reunion in the fall of 2010. Packe(Guitar/Vocals) and I discovered that we came up to speed quiet fast during the Raped rehearsals and talked about that we wanted to play HC again though none of us had done that since 1992 when we split up with Raped. So we started practicing just him and me in mars 2011. It went well and we talked about a name. Raped Teenagers would've been easy but since it wasn't really Raped and the name sounded silly plus it would've been kind of boring trying to capitalize on our old band. Both, unaware that we had the same idea, we both suggested Pusrad. So Pusrad we became. 

And what means Pusrad? 
Nothing actaully. It was a word made up when we wrote that song for the first Raped Teenagers 7" EP. 

Have you been in other bands besides Raped Teenagers or do you currently play in other bands? 
We've been in lots of bands since 1978. A few of them where: No More War, Fight Back, Para System, Herraids, Identity, Allena, Prank, Flakes and couple of more. Packe playes drums in TV Eye that just released their debut 7" EP. They play very good 77 inspired punk rock with a twist. I play drums in a power pop band called Vice Versa and drums in another hardcore band with people from swedish HC bands Nitad and Regulations. 

What is the name of your hardcore band together with Nitad & Regulations members? have you any releases out? 
No name yet and no releases. We just recorded 4 tracks the other day. A demo will see the light I guess sometime this spring.

To get an idea what Pusard sounds like can you tell me some of your influences. 
Both Packe and I grew up with the late 70s punk so we're very fond of that. We then followed into HC until it became stale mate after 1985 or so. So our main musical influences for Punk and HC is pre 85. But we don't try rip the sound or style off any special band. We try to make something that we ourselves would like to listen to today. We both have always had a special love for short HC songs: the intensity and the ability to pack a whole song into a short amount of time amuses us.Here's some bands we like: Devo, Dickies, King Crimson, YES, KORO, Deep Wound, Generation X, Germs, Stark Raving Mad, Husker Du, Willful Neglect and so on. 

What is the main difference between punk/hc in the 80s and today? 
I don't think we're really capable of answering that. We're too old and "out of the scene" to have a clue of what's going on ha ha. I try to constantly check out new bands through Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. There seems to be both easier and bit harder at the same time nowadays. Harder to get recognized cause of the constant flood of bands on the internet. Easier if you want to tour outside your own country. To tour the US for us in the 80s was out of the question while I have several younger friends who've been there and elsewhere several times. 

Are you still in contact with many of the people, you’ve know from Raped Teenagers? Was it easier to start a new band, because you’re ex-Raped Teenagers? 
No. At least not with people from outside Sweden. I've came in contact with lots of old friends through Facebook from the Raped T. era and it's fun to see that they're still interested and active in the music scene. Maybe it was easier to to get some recognition cause we're ex-Raped Teenagers though we never where a big band here in Sweden. The interest in Raped have came about in the last 10 years or so. 

Isn’t it nerving to read in every review “Ex-Raped Teenagers”? 
Not at all. We have ourselves to blame cause we proclaimed that we where ex-Raped Teenagers or the "new" Raped Teenagers when we started. And with a name from our old band it's also to show it's a continuation. 

Raped Teenagers – I Kräftans Klor Flexi 7” was included with an issue of Trust fanzine back in 1988. How did that come about? 
It's was our label CBR(Chicken Brain Records) that fixed that. That's all I know ha ha. 

Have you personally been in contact with any Trust writers back in '88 and how did you get in contact with them? 
Ha ha I can't remember. I guess I was. Wrote loads of letters back then. Had penpals from all over. I seem to have a vague memory of being in contact a couple of times with Dolf but not sure. Maybe Dolf remembers ha ha? 

What are your memories concerning Trust fanzine back then? 
For me, Peter, I liked TRUST a lot cause it was somewhat an answer to a European version of MRR and Flipside. Really nice footage, layout and tons of pages to go through. I bought it even though I didn't knew german. 

Do you play shows? Have you plans for touring outside Sweden? 
Since we're only two people and that we never liked playing live that much it won't happen. This format with rehearsing and releasing records works perfect for us! We talked a couple of rehearsals ago about the gigs we did with Raped T. and we can't remember that many that we really enjoyed playing ourselves back in the days. It was usually quiet boring ha ha. We remember a gig with Missbrukarna, one with Krunch and when we played at the Hultsfreds Festivalen in 1988. There where some great small gigs in Holland too when we where there in 1988. Germany sucked though ha ha. 

Your running the great killedbydeath blog. Please give is a quick insight, what this blog is about! When and why did you start it? 
Glad you like it!It was Packe's idea to start it in mars 2006. I joined and about a year later Packe felt he didn't have the time. So I ran it by myself until Martin(Lögnhalsmotagningen) showed up in 2008, I think, and filled in the gaps with swedish stuff I don't have. Now he post more than swedish stuff like the more obscure non-european, non-us stuff. My main focus is US and European stuff. The idea is to post rare/out of print records that falls somewhat into the "Killed by Death" category but it ranges from Punk, Hardcore and Power Pop. We scan and rip everything ourselves for people to hear stuff that they normally won't come across on other punk blogs. Or so we hope. 

Do you own all the records you're posting on your blog? 
Yes, I own all the records/tapes I post and so do Martin. We only post stuff that we own ourselves.

I like Swedish punk/ hc, but in my opinion too many current bands from Sweden try to play music, that is hip and trendy. You know, all this retro punk stuff etc. What’s your opinion about the current Swedish scene? 
You're right about the retro, hip stuff. Of course people should play what they like thought I find it boring to hear and play copy cat punk. Though I think some bands manage to carve out a sound of their own while being influenced by the old stuff. Packes band TV Eye comes to mind. They don't try to copy the old sound, just get inspired by it and add their touch. Bäddat för trubbel and Red Doves are two others. I don't have too much insight about what's going on now but from what I hear there aren't that many bands that really gets me going when it comes to Hardcore. I really dug Henry Fiats when they where around. 

Your lyrics are all in Swedish language, so please tell us what they are about! 
Nothing to talk about really ha ha. Well they're kind of your typical punk lyrics.  With that said I think they're more sort short poems. 

Will there ever be a Pusrad song with a playtime over 1 minute? 
Ha ha good question. I highly doubt it. If we ever have one I think it's time to quit. On the serious side we don't think about it that way. We don't aim at having short songs. We want to play songs that we like. Sometimes we add something to it cause we think we need it but most of the times we take away stuff cause we don't think it adds anything extra. We always been fond of short songs when it comes to hardcore. 

Your 12" could have also been released as a 7". Playtime is short enough. So why a 12” and not a 7”? 
Cause we wanted to do a 12". We've always dug the first TSOL and Jealous Again 12" with Black Flag. They're about the two best 12" EPs I can think of. They're both between 6-7 minutes long. They're short and sound great. Perfect recipe to never get bored so we wanted to do that too. And there are other classic 12" EPs like FU'S-Kill for Christ, My America. Stark Raving Mads both 12"s and so on. 

Is there a difference between playing in hardcore band as a teenager and at the age of over 40? 
I've been thinking about that and the only thing that comes to mind is that I wish I could play the way I do now when I was a teen. Packe and I have also questioned ourselves why we never did it this way with Raped that we now do with Pusrad cause we really dig what we do now. Another thing that's good is that we don't have to practice so much now as we did as teens. 

“Errare Humanum Est” is probably the most untypical Pusrad song. Are there more slow songs planned for the future? 
We have to slow songs on our upcoming 9 track EP. But they just happened and nothing that we planed. So who knows? If too many bands comes around doing what we do and have a similar sound we might shift to playing slow poppy 30 second songs. 

Your second 7” came out on Ken Rock. It’s a untypical release for this label, since it’s more focused on punkrock. How did you get in contact with Stefan? 
I just wrote Stefan out of a whim when recorded our first practice of the year 2012 and asked if he wanted to release the 5 tracks we had recorded. He dug it and wanted to do it. 

Which current punk/ hc bands do you like? Or are you more focused on bands from the past? 
Well you got to choose where your focus has to be and with so many bands around today and so many(so it still seems) old bands still to be discovered, I still get to hear old bands that I never knew existed and that blows my mind, the focus is on the old. But with that said I constantly try to check out new bands but it's not too often that I get really excited like when hearing an old band that I never heard before. Old stuff tends to have that certain freshness that can never be repeated when a genre was new. There are new bands that sounds "good" but lacks originality and that turns me off quiet often. I dig Career Suicide a lot. And there was Das Oath and Failures and other bands on the Youth Attack label that I dig. Jay Reatard was/is the most important discovery for me in the 20th century.