Friday, May 24, 2013


Tenzenmen is D.I.Y. record label from Australia. It's releases cover a large variety of different styles and it's really not possible to determine a typical Tenzemen sound. Whether indie, powerviolence, poppunk or noise-rock label founder Shaun doesn't seem to care about genre boundaries. Tenzenmen puts our records by bands from all over the world with a focus on scenes, that usually only receive little attention in the world of punk and hardcore like for example China or South-East-Asia. You can have a listen to all releases on the label's bandcamp site. The following four records are my personal favorites, but I bet you'll discover tons of more great new music, you've probably never heart of before.

"Smell Heaven" is the second full lenght by this Perth based trio. Bamodi play hardcorepunk, that goes far beyond what you would normally expect from this music genre. The record is filled with short, tight and frantic blasts. that are played by people, that definitely know how to play their instruments. They throw in hints of free-jazz, math-rock, postpunk and experimental music, while maintaining a no frills punk attitude. It sounds like The Minutemen, Victim's Family, NoMeansNo and the open-minded approach of SST related bands had an important influence on Bamodi's sound, even if their tunes are straighter, faster and just more radical. The vocals sound like something you would normally only expect from a Japanese hardcore group. They are high pitched, totally insanse like an angry Mickey Mouse. Bomodi remind me a lot of The Minutemen influenced Japanese hardcore bands from the early 21st century like for example Breakfast or The Futures. Fuckin' brilliant! (Listen to it here)
FUN - 1/3 7" (Tenzenmen)
This is the first part in a trilogy of 7"s. Finland's Fun sound like and the artwork looks like the time has stopped during early 90s. This single features music, that keeps the classic Touch&Go noiserock alive. It's a complete worship to bands like Shellac, Jesus Lizard or Helmet. Their songs are based on a powerful rhythm section. It's characterized by punchy bass lines and a great groove. Both tracks on this single are interesting and varied enough to be more than just a band, that trys to copy this certain kind of style. It really speaks for itself. Fun write sophisticated songs with plenty of rhythm and tempo changes. You never know what to expect next. "Massive on Meat" merges noiserock with a slight Fugazi influence and an undercurrent of melodies. "Into the Void" on the flipside is made with a more Helmet like sound and fantastic vocal harmonies floating through. If you're into noiserock, this 7" is for you. (Listen to it here)

This is Mere Women's first full lenght after their 12" single from 2011. Equipped with a modern clean production, but rooted in the tradition of classic postpunk groups, "Old Life" is a clarification how to develop postpunk further into a contemporary sound, that fits in the 21st century. This Sydney based trio writes smart, deep and complex songs, that create a gloomy goth atmoshphere. Not unlike Noh Mercy their tunes are focused on drums and vocals. The unconventional, but groovy beats are one of the main secrets of Mere Women's songwriting. There's not a single straightforward 4/4 ryhthm and the drums just go far beyond the norm. The vocal add their own unique harmonies. Amy Wilson's powerful, edgy voice comes to the forefront. The guitar is highly effect loaded and sounds like something you would normally expect from a math-rock or post-rock group, even if the playing is different. It creates a gloomy, atmospheric twang, that's assisted by the occasional use of a keyboard. As a whole "Old Life" is a true modern postpunk masterpiece. (Listen to it here)

"Mission Bulb" is already the third full lenght release by Yes I'm Leaving from Sydney, Australia. It's packed with eleven songs, that find the right balance between straight forward origin punkrock and a more varied musical background. The vocals are pissed off and furious without beeing artifical or skin-deep. They seem to represent the sound of honest hate, rage and mind collaps. Yes I'm Leaving merge ugly 70s rock and protopunk riffs with early 90s noiserock, some hints of dissonant postpunk and just primitive blasting punkrock. Musically they show obvious parallels to The Brainbombs, which should be understood as a huge compliment. Their numbers are based on crushing, full distorted guitars, squeaking Black Flag like guitar noise, pounding drums and a no frills attitude. "Mission Bulb" sounds old-fashioned, but at the same it's not a attempt to just copy a certain kind of style. Instead of that Yes I'm Leaving have definitely developed their own unique trademark sound. A great record with a great artwork and I also dig the record cover's "made to be broken" message! (Listen to it here)