Friday, June 21, 2013


Livids are a new punk group from Brooklyn featuring fromer New Bomb Turks member Eric Davidson on vocals. Their first four releases are a series of 7"s, that all came out during the last couple of months on four different labels. All songs together would have been enough material for a first full lenght, but of course this kind of music works the best on 7" format. Eric Davidson's highly distinctive vocals are the reason why the New Bomb Turks are an obvious reference, but Livids' music is definitely self-reliant enough to be more than just a imitation. Their songs are deeply rooted in US punkrock of the late 70s. They take the best parts of The Pagans, Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Misfits, The Stooges and The Dictators to create their own unique blasts of straight punkrock with a primitive approach, that's comparable with Rip Off releases. The Italian Goodbye Bozzy label is well known for releasing singles by only the best punk and garage groups. This 7" is on one level with the label's whole fantastic discography. It's strictly limited, comes with three different cover artworks and it's one sided with one track only. It can be argued, that one track is too short, but I rather listen to one brilliant of track instead of a bunch decent ones. It's totally worth it anyway. (Listen to it here)

LIVIDS - SHE LIKES ZITS 7" (Twistworthy)
Here we go with the next Livids single released on Twistworthy records from Austin, Texas. Livids crank of three more tracks of pure classic punkrock based on sharp riffs, short but brilliant guitar leads, an undercurrent of melodies, straight pounding drum beats and their highly distinctive vocals. The titletrack "She likes Zits" is also the most memorbale one. An unfussy immidiate punk tune with great sing alongs and a kind of catchiness, that's comprable with early Misfits singles. The first riffs of "Spoof Attack" sounds like it's stolen from a Ramones record, but then it turns out to be a more varied one minute punk blast. "Savage Eyes" is a cover version of Belgian protopunk pioneers Rollerball from their one and only 7", that was orginally released back in 1977. Even if the Livids' cover is really well done, the original version is even better. In case you're interested: Sing Sing reissued Rollerball's 7" in 2010, so it might still be available for a fair price. (Listen to it here)
If you care about name droppings, Livids not only include Eric Davidson from the New Bomb Turks, but also a bunch of more guys, who are well known from other bands like Jami Wolf (Zodiac Killers, Shop Fronts), Daniel Kelly (Dead Ringers, Paper Bags, Complaints) and Creg Collins (Radio 4). Joi Lacour on bass is the only one non ex-member (at least I don't know her previous bands). Of course beeing a allstar doesn't necessarily mean, that the music is great, but in case of Livids the music is at least as great as their previous bands, but at the same time it speaks for itself. This 7" offers four frantic punk assaults. The titletrack is a midtempo protopunk gem with hints of The Stooges and MC5. Primal rock'n'roll driven by fantastic 70s rock guitar solos and Eric Davidsons vocals. "Nerve Wrecked" is equipped with the speed of hardcore and the elementariness of three chord punkrock. This track totally sounds like something that could have been released on Rip Off in the mid 90s. The b-side includes two more track. "Ms. Bluff" is a mid-paced 70s punk influenced popper, while "Theme From Livids" is another fast no frills one minute smasher. Timmy Vulgar (Human Eye, Timmy's Organism) is responsible for the nice artwork. Released in a edition of 500 copies. (Listen to it here)

Last but not least Slovenly released this three track 7". First of all the monster artwork looks fantastic and the music is not one bit worse. The titletrack "Your House Or The Courthouse" is probably the best Livids track so far. A fast garage punk tune, that combines Rip Off style three chord punk with New Bomb Turks "Destroy-Oh-Boy" era pure rock'n'roll. Particular worthy of mention is the brilliant guitar work ranging between short leads and driving riffs. "Zilch" is a simple high-speed punk number with parallels to the sound of the Zodiac Killers. The flipside is cover song of the titletrack from Iggy Pop's "New Values" full lenght originally released in 1979. Livids tie up the quality of the orginal, while merging it with their own unqiue style. So if you have a preference for classic punkrock, you really can't go wrong with this excellent 7". (Listen to it here)