Friday, June 14, 2013


First of all Poison Idea are one of the few bands, that's allowed to use band pictures for their front cover. It's simpley not possible to supect this bunch of weirdos a desire for a rockstar like self-portrayal. There has been a wave of Poison Idea reissues and bootlegs during the last couple of years. Not all of them are essential, but this EP is definitely one of Poison Idea's very best releases. At least if you share the opinion, that "Feel The Darkness" is the peak point of Poison Idea's discography. "Filthkick" takes the classic 80s hardcore vibe of "Kings Of Punk" and "Pick Your King" to merge it with a heavy dose of 70s hard-rock and metal. This EP paved the way for their two years later released "Feel The Darkness" masterpiece. Blown out guitar riffage and heavy solo penetrations are paired with pounding drums, driving bass lines and Jerry A.'s own punk as fuck vocals. The result are totally oustanding punk tunes, that are nothing but true classics. You get three tracks plus a cover version of The Damned's "New Rose", that's at least as great as the original. (Listen to it here)

Here we have the next realese on TKO by a classic American punk group an it's another must have. Note that this single is not a reissue. The titletrack "You Don't Have To Die" is taken from TSOL's first demo tape originally released in 1980. It's a complete mystery why this top notch tune didn't made it on any of their later vinyl releases. It's one of their very best songs, because it compromises everything, that's so fantastic about TSOL: They took the best parts of dark goth music and melodic punkrock simular to The Adolescents, Agent Orange and other early westcoast bands to create their own unique brandmark sound. Without any doubt TSOL are on of the most important US punk groups of the early 80s and "You Don't Have To Die" is the perfect proof for it. The flipside offers two raw live cuts. "Property Is Theft" and "Dance With Me" are well known from their first Posh Boy 12" and their first "Dance With Me" album, but the recordings is a bit too rough.  That's the reason why the whole b-side is more or less negligible. Nervertheless this single is worth simply for "You Don't Have To Die". (Listen to it here)