Saturday, June 29, 2013


THE MEN - NEW MOON LP (Sacred Bones)
You never know what to expect from their newest record. The Men from Brooklyn, New York are a band stuck in a steady musical progress. They slough their skin with every record to create something fresh and new. During the past four years they've left behind influences ranging from post-hardcore to shoegaze, drone, noise and 60s psychedelia. On "New Moon" they are focused on writinging straight, but varied songs with a preference for fantastic harmonies. On the surface "New Moon" begs to be defined by 1980s indie rock of Dinosaur Jr., Hüsker Dü and SST, while the old fashioned but totally powerful and intense production shows simularities to late 70s punk records. At the same time the songs are deeply rooted in classic 70s rock. Neil Young & Crazy Horse have obviously been an major influence. But even if all those influences are apperent here, The Men succed to give their songs their very own unique style. "New Moon" sounds like a record made by open minded musicians aiming to redifine themself with every new song they write. It's filled with plenty of stand out tracks characterized by their warm sound, their brilliant vocal harmonies and their well thought out songwriting. I've been digging all previous The Men releases, but this album is probably their best so far. (Listen to it here)