Thursday, July 4, 2013


This LP probably marks of the most radical musical change in the history of punk. Blitz are best known for their violent and brutal brand of punkrock. Their early singles and their "Voice Of A Generation" album are true UK oi-punk and protohardcore classics. All of them came out in 1982. One year later Blitz released "Second Empire Justice" - the complete opposite of what they've been playing before. They transformed their music into a mix of wave, synth-pop, goth-rock, industrial and postpunk during a time when most other early Birtish punk groups lost their intensity. Blitz' change really deserves highest attention. They simpley refused all expectations of their surrounding scene. "Second Empire Justice" is heavily influenced by New Order, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Cabaret Voltaire and The Stranglers. It sounds like it could have been released on Factory records back then. Non the less it's unique and independet enough to be more than a complete imitation. The songs are made with an arsenal of moody keyboard melodies, powerful bass lines, quiet supportive guitars and groovy drum-machine beats. Blitz gave a fuck about genre boundaries and wrote songs that are dark, poppy, cold, catchy and dissonant at the same time. A true postpunk classic! (Listen to it here
BRAINBOMBS - OBEY LP (Armageddon Label) 
After "Burning Hell", "Genius and Brutality - Taste and Power" and "Urge To Kill" also Brainbombs third full lenght "Obey" from 1996 has finally been reissued. For everyone who's not familiar with the Brainbombs: They are probably the best and most influential Swedish punk group. Their sound is charcterized by grunting heavy distorted guitars, ripping bass lines, phase drum beats and a harsh vocalist scearming his English lyrics with a heavy Swedish accent. Most of their songs are based on a loop of a single riff. They get more painful with every new repeat and sound like a merciless mess of squeeching distortions and feedbacks. Songtitles like "Kille Them All", "Die You Fuck", "Anal Desire" or "Lipstick On My Dick" allready illustrate that the lyrics are not any less ugly. Most of them are dealing with rape and violence against women. They are difficult to endure, but I think their real purpose is a blunt analysis of how repulsive, dump and marbly human life can be. All Brainsbombs records are true noise-punk masterpieces and "Obey" is no exception! (Listen to it here)

The first two volumes featured wild protopunk from the USA. The third volume was focused on UK bands many of them with a glamrock influence. This fourth part of the Bonehead Crunchers series leads us to continental Europe. All bands included offer a heavy dose of gritty, brash and snotty 70s rock. It seems like the Netherlands had a big scene of dirty underground rock groups during the 70s. At least this compilation features six Dutch groups: Mushroom sound like a complete worship to Black Sabbath with Ozzy like vocals. Next up Silence crank out two tracks of MC5 influenced protopunk. Corporation are another Dutch power trio playing straight no frills rock. Tiger offer one of the stand out tracks. Bombastic wild protopunk. Forget  Chris Montez, forget The Ramones: Tykes version of "Let's Dance" is the most ripping one. The last Dutch group are Good Time Joe with a heavy NY sleaze influence simular to New York Dolls and The Dictators. From Holland to Germany and here we go with Propeller's heavy blues rock tune. Blackbirds 2000 merge MC5 incluences with krautrock in the vein of Can. Maternal Joy are the German progrock group Nine Days Wonder under a new name. Their record label forced them to play straight and rude hardrock - for good reason. Cindy and Bert's debut single "Der Hund von Baskerville" is a brilliant cover version of Black Sabbath "Paranoid" with different lyrics. In the course of their later career they turned into a aweful schlager band, but this song total fuckin' rules. The two Belgian groups on this LP are probably the best: Angie's song about "Streetlight Fight" is a violent and stupid protopunk burner, that paved the way for later Belgian punk groups like Jet Staxx or Rollerball. Mothers Of Track are a dirty proto-metal group. Their tune is called "Motorcycle Rock" and it's a super cheesy and dirty slab of pure rock. Last but not least After Shave are the only Swiss band and you'll love them, if you like Led Zeppelin. Bonehead Crunchers captures the sound of tight jeans, leather jackets, long hairs, sun glasses, motorbikes and big balls. If you like straight and dirty 70s rock, you'll be freaking out while listening to this compilation. Limited to 300 copies (Listen to it here)
Thanks to Dark Entries for this official reissue of one of the best and hardest to find UK postpunk compilations. It originally came out in 1981 and features two tracks by eight bands all coming from Watford, a town in Hertfordshire, England, located 20 minutes northwest of central London. The original liner notes sum up the compilation's idea very well: “‘The Thing From The Crypt’ neither attempts to sell a ‘Wotford sound’ nor claims to be a comprehensive guide to the area’s best beat bands. Like all good compilations, its essence is variety: some tracks will make you come whilst other will make you vomit.” Actually none of the bands make me vomit, instead of that I'm really amazed how good all of those unknown groups are. Flying Beachcraft offer two postpunk poppers simular to eraly Televsion Personalities. Soft Drink play a weird and gloomy brand of synth-punk not unlike current bands like Blank Dogs and Black Bug sound like. I like Image in Ruin's mix of Joy Division like bass lines and frantic synth-pop, but in the booklet they claim to be militant patriots believing in the unity of English people - what a bullshit attitude. Next up Exibit A serve a nice Stranglers worship. S-Haters merge synths with Wire influenced postpunk and sick echo vocals. Sad Lovers & Giants nail down two brilliant cuts of wavepunk somewhere between Crisis and Warsaw. Mex dish up a slow and dark mix of wave and postpunk. Gambit Of Shame combine 60s garage with postpunk and spaced out synth-pop. Both songs are catchy as hell and totally awesome. If you like early 80s UK postpunk and if you think that TV Personalities, Stranglers, New Order, Ultravox, Gary Numan, Cabaret Voltaire, Happy Refugess, The Fall and Wire are important bands you'll probably also be digging this compilation! (Listen to it here)