Tuesday, July 30, 2013


LANTERN - MR. MARS 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
You really can't go wrong, if you buy a single released by Goodby Boozy. This Italian label puts out music only by some of the best international punk and garage groups and this piece of wax is yet another great example. Lantern are a Philly based protopunk band, that I've haven't know before, but they totally rule. Titletrack "Mr. Mars" fuses some hints of 50s rockabilly and bluesy garage with MC5 "Back In The USA" era blasting rock'n'roll. It's based on a catchy chorus, piano lines, handclap-beats and wild saxophone solos, that also bring to mind Destroy All Monsters. The name of the flipside track speaks for itself: "Rock'n'roll Music" is a primal high energy rock'n'roll tune with brilliant short guitar leads. It's definitely a lot more The Stooges influenced. Fans of 70s protopunk won't be disappointed here and I can't wait to hear more from this brilliant band! (Listen to it here)

LIVING EYES - EAT IT UP 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
This onesided two-track single is yet another brilliant release by Living Eyes from Geelong, Australia. It follows their first full album, that came out earlier in the year. In contrast to their LP this 7" is less 60s garage TY Segall like and more 70s punk influenced. To express it with the help of compilations: they've developed from "Before The Birdmen Flew" to "Where The Birdmen Flew". Also the production is rougher and more in th vein of their first "Ways To Make A Living" single. You get two top notch cuts of straight blasting punkrock, that find the perfect balance between power and pop. When it comes to "power," both tunes stand out with no frills supportive drum-beats and crashing guitars. The "pop" is made with tons of catchy melodies led by Living Eyes' highly unique snotty vocals. This combination fits so well together like gin and tonic, vodka and lemon or coffee and cigarettes. Fabolous! (Listen to it here)

Here we go with a smashing two-track single by Warm Soda from Oakland, California. Both tracks are as brilliant as their "Someone For Your" album, that came out on Castel Face earlier this year. They are taking influences from 70s glam, teen-pop, garagepunk and power-pop to write their own highly addictive tunes, that will stay in your ear after the first listen. Their songs are filled with sunny melodies, guitar leads and sugar-sweet choruses making them sound like they were taken from a 1970s TV show. Their lyrcis deal with one topic: boys and girls in love and all kind of compilactions, that could arise from it. It's  cheesy in the most positive way and Warm Soda's tunes capture the youthful abandon of kids on christmas eve."Tell Me in A Whisper" is a midtempo track made with their typical changle guitar, breathy vocals and countless of amazing melodies. "This Changes Everything" on the flipside is the kind of song you want to listen to over and over again. An immediate garage-popper, that's just totally outstanding and brilliant. Think of a mix of King Tuff, Smith Westerns No Bunny, Bare Wires and The Quick and you'll probably get an idea how essential this single is. (Listen to it here)