Thursday, July 11, 2013


This is the second full lenght by Ty Segall collaborator Mikal Cronin. Compared with his  previous releases "MCII" stands out for it's fanastics arrangements and it's thoughtful songwriting. Mikal Cronin finds a perfect balance between sweet pop harmonies and powerful punkrock. He still uses influences of 60s garage, psych and pop as a reference point of this tunes, but his compositions have developed from a complete 60s retro sound to a more varied and more well-crafted style. The blown out psych mayhems of this prior records have been replaced by an early 90s indie college-rock influence simular to Pavement. There's only a spare use of fuzz-pedals and some songs are entirely acoustic, nervertheless Cronin's noisy side is still apparent. His numbers are based on sunny melodies, rattling guitars, crunching drums and Cronin's top notch vocal harmonies. Lyrically "MCII" deals with self-doubts, worries and the inner life of a ageing and ironic mid twenties. One thing is allready certain: This beautiful and outstanding work will be one of my highlight records of 2013! (Listen to it here)