Sunday, July 28, 2013


MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS - THE DAWN LP (Bachelor, Burger, Rijapov, Tre Accordi)
Three years have passed since Italian four-piece Miss Chain & The Broken Heels' "A Bittwersweet Ride" debut full lenght came out on Screaming Apple. With "The Dawn" they continue to play their own unique brand of garage-pop, that's well known form their prior releases, but at the same time the record is characterized by a more varied and complex songwriting going beyond the typical patterns of a garage and rock'n'roll record. Their main influences are still rooted in several different music genres from the 50s and 60s. They merge country with rhythm'n'blues, beat, pop, folk, 60s garage-punk and a few hints of psych in the guitar-work. Miss Chain & The Broken Heels' focus is definitely on writing catchy-as-hell tunes filled with sugar sweet, yet dreamy melodies and immediate arrangements. The album provides a handful of excellent pop pearls with a deepness, that's really uncommon for this musical style. However some songs overstep the mark with a too obvious catchiness and too stereotyped harmonies. For my taste they lack of a counterpart to their too sunny pop. Nevertheless "The Dawn" has it's moments for certain and every fan of 50s and 60s inspired music won't be dissapointed. The LP is released by Bachelor and Rijapov in a limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl and 200 copies on green vinyl. The CD comes out on Tre Accordi and Burger puts out the album as a tape.  (Listen to it here)