Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Brülbåjz from the Swedish small town Borlänge started playing together in 1979 and released their one and only "Dödens Apostlar" 7" one year later. Members of Brülbåjz were later actice in Sator Codex and Sator. "EAP" is probably the most well known track, because it has been included in the Back To Front Volume 6 compilation. But the other two tracks are also totally worth it. Brülbåjz played raw primtive punkrock, that sounds like they've first started the band and then learned to play music along the way. There's a certain simularity to the way later Sator Codex records sound like. Their songs are pretty fast compared with other bands back then. They were definitely influenced by UK '77 groups, but their style is rougher and even more reduced on the essentials. So if you dig simple no frills punkrock and if you have a preference for classic Swedish punk, you'll probably  also be digging this 7". (Listen to it here)
E.A.T.E.R. - DOOMSDAY TROOPS 7" (Hardcore Survives)
E.A.T.E.R. stands for Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels and they are one of the most classic early Swedish hardcore groups. Don't confuse them with the 77 UK punk band Eater. Distortion records released a E.A.T.E.R. compilation LP two years ago, but their first "Doomsday Troops" 7" from 1983 hasn't been included, so thanks to Japanese label Hardcore Survives for making this classic available again. And they really did a great job: The 7" includes an 8-page printed booklet with lyrics and band pictures as well as an exact reproduction of the original cover and insert. E.A.T.E.R. took the sound of UK '82 groups like G.B.H and The Exploited and merged it with their own style of furious straight blasting thrash. You get five tracks of high speed hardcore, that's primitive, catchy and outrageous at the same time. It's fun to read to the lyrics, because they are from a present day perspective pretty cheesy.  Nevertheless this 7" fuckin' rules. (Listen to it here)
IQ55 - DÜR ÄR SÄ SÄRBAR 7" (Slyngel)
IQ55 were Linköping's first punk band. They were founded in 1978 and released their classic "Livet Är En Bluff (Balladen)" two track 7" one year later, which is in my opinion one of the best early Swedish punk 7"s. In 1998 the Swedish label Massproduktion released another so far unreleases IQ55 track on their "Vägra Raggarna Benzin - Punk Från Provinserna 78-82" CD compilation. Now 34 years after their first 7" came out, Slynkel records put out this brilliant 7" with two more so far unreleased cuts originally recorded in 1980. IQ55 played a brilliant mix of classic '77 UK styled punkrock and power-pop. They wrote furious songs based on razor-sharp guitar riffs, tons of melodies floating through, brilliant vocals and catchy as hell "aaahh" refrains. The guitar goes far beyond the quality of most other early punk groups, because it's a lot more varied and complex. "Du Är Sä Särbar" is a straight punk popper, while "En Kort Sekund" on the b-side is a little bit slower and moody. Limited to 300 copies.(Listen to it here)