Monday, August 5, 2013


This is the second single by this new Memphis band. Manateees are fronted by Abe White, who's the drummer of other Goner related groups like The Oscars and True Sons Of Thunder. They crank out two tracks of wild, nasty and oldfashioned garagepunk, that doesn't care about the comtemporary sound of 60s inspired music. Instead of that Manateees revive the sound of 90s Crypt and Goner releases. The Oblivians, The Reatards, Teengenerate, Guitar Wolf and all this great stuff comes to mind. So if you like your garagepunk raw and ugly, you really can't go wrong with this 7". A particular highlight is the guitarplay, that's first of all characterized by a crushing blown out wall of sound. Then again a certain kind of darkness and untypical variations shine through. Also Abe White's lyrics are very uncoventional and weird. “Cat Food” is described from the perspective of a cat including "meow" screams and “Treehouse” is about the benifits of living in a treehouse in a world of your own. (Listen to it here)

Here we go with another Memphis group consisting of Goner owners Zac Ives and Eric Friedl (who's also a member of The Oblivians) and non other than Jay Reatard bashing the drums. You get two ugly slaps of simple no frills punkrock. Heavy distorted three chord riffs are paired with frantic noise pollutions, rampling drums, furious echo vocals and a rough but brilliant production. Think of more weird side of both The Reatards and The Oblivions, add a classic killed by death vibe and you'll probably get an idea idea how brilliant this single is. "Guitar Attack" and "Hiding In My Car" are both fantatstic tunes, that succed to generate maximum effect for a small outlay. This is primitive and simple music in perfection and it's simply made by people, who know what they are doing. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)

TOXIE - NEWGATE 7" (Goner)
Toxie are a indie-pop four piece from Memphis that merges influences ranging from garage to 80s synth music, dream-pop and postpunk. The titletrack fuses garage-like guitar riffs with a catchy-as-hell chorus, heart-warming melodies and a overall sweet atmosphere. The synths capture a very unique kind of darkness, but then again they are totally supportive, dreamy and poppy. The focus is on Alexandra Burdens vocal harmonies and her great lyrics, that find a good balance between more typical pop topics and lines like "We are all waiting to die". Toxie write impressive songs. because they manage to make a voice, one drumkit, two guitars, synths, and a bass sound like things crash into each other just so, leaving shards of melody everywhere. "Newgate" is definitely the standout track here. "Ties" on the flipside isn't that brilliant, but it's still a very nice addition. If you're looking for varied and well done pop music, you really can't go wrong with this single. (Listen to it here)

True Sons Of Thunder are for sure the most weird outsider garage group emerging from the current Memphis scene. This new 7" features two unsetting, far out and totally unique cuts. The titletrack "Black Astrologers" sounds like two different songs were put into one and both try to work against each other, but it in the end it's an astonishingly brilliant combination. A bizarre mess of ear-bleeding guitars and hammering drum blasts is paired with 70s rock riffs shining through a thick wall of noise. The last part is comparable with wild protopunk in the vein of Electric Eels or early Mike Rep And The Quotas recordings. On the flipside True Sons Of Thunder demonstrate their good taste of music with a cover version of the fuzzed up killer "I Can See But You Don't Know" originally released by UK ska/reggae garage-pop group The Equals. The tune takes up the quality of the original and merges it with True Sons Of Thunder's own distinctive style. (Listen to it here)