Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Don't let the the Bettie Page rip off-girl on the frontcover stop you. Bang Bang Band Girl are a one-girl band from Lima, Peru, that revives the music of the 50s and 60s without sounding painful or too nostalgic. With her Bang Bang Band Girl moniker Sheri Corleone merges influences ranging from R&B to western, rockabilly and garage, but in the end it's her own unique style. The instrumental arrangements are logically stripped down to the essentials. Precise golden and groovy guitar strums are paired with primtive stomping drum beats, while the focus is definitely on the sugar-sweet harmonic voice. This single features two perfect recreations of the best moments from the sounds of the 50s and 60s. Think of a more noisy, rougher and basic version of the Detroit Cobras. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)

This is the brilliant debut 7" by this no-frills garage duo from Rennes, France. With the galloping beats of '60s garage, Bikini Gorge crank out three cuts of wild and nasty rock'n'roll. Simple but considered chord structures and basic drum beats hold together songs, that are first of all characterized by ear-bleeding fuzzy guitar-noise. In contrast to that there's also a poppy vibe with fantastic vocal harmonies in the forefront. The titletrack is a great example. It's as catchy as The Kinks, but it also captures the dirtyness of raw, snarling punk. “Make Up Your Mind” and "You're My Yail" on the b-side lead into a more powerful punk-driven direction with rougher vocals and the shredding guitar in the forefront. Both songs sound like a blown-out version of the rawest cuts included on a Back From The Grave compilation. Highly Recommended! (Listen to it here

The Magnetix from Bordeaux celebrate their 15th anniversary with four 7"s coming out on four different labels. "Impaction" is the first one, that saw light of day and it looks like the frontcovers of all four 7"s will alltogether result in one image. The Magnetix should be well know from their previous six full albums and countless 7"s they've put out over the past years. This male-female duo has really become one of the flagships of the huge and ripping French punk and garage scene. The titletrack "Impaction" kicks off with spacy electronic noise before the guitar and the cold, gloomy echo-vocals with their heavy French accent cut in and lead into a wild wave-punk chorus. The flipside starts with "Dairo", a The Cramps influenced instrumental, that combines delay-effects with fuzz or rockabilly with garage. The final track "Sink Or Swim" is more poppy, made with melodic vocals, a catchy chorus and an undercurrent of electronic babble simular to The Spits. The Magnetix rule, just like this whole 7" fuckin' rules. (Listen to it here)