Thursday, September 26, 2013


Quilt Boy sound broken in most possible ways. The four songs merge folk with a little pop and some hints of avant postpunk. Things are based on a moody accoustic guitar, that develops hopeless, dissonant sounds. It uses sick, imprecise signature changes and a few briefly melodies. The vocalisations have a jaded twang with a few exceptions of manic crying. In the background you can hear a few drum sounds, but no real beats, just some snare rolls, that miss most appointments. The production adds the certain charm of a lo-fi home recording. Think of a drugged, stripped down mixture of The Bilders and Simon Finn. Great weirdo music! (Listen to it here)

Heath Moerland is the guy behind Sick Llama. He also plays in Roachclip and runs Fag Tapes. With his Sick Lllam moniker he has released countless of tapes and CDrs during the last couple of years. "Resh" features two cuts of his disturbing electronic sounds. This is the total rejection of normal musical rules. There's no melody, harmony, rhythm, just scary experimental noise. I'm not really sure what's the source of his sounds, but it reminds me of "musique concrete" artists mixing the sounds of synthesizers with sounds recorded in the nature and modified sounds of instruments. This claustrophobic horror trip leaves the feeling of beeing surrounded by a possible threat. Fans of American Tapes and Aryan Asshole releases won't be dissappointed here. (Listen to it here)

Siobhan is heavily influenced by the sound of 80s industrial music, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Throbbing Grsitle and SPK come to mind while listening to this tape. Alienated effects of electronics are paired with pungent noise. The DIY production is primitve made with synthesizer sounds and a cheap drum machine. Buried spoken vocals transmit undescipherably throughout "Give Up In Despair". Siobhan uses repetitive structures. The songs get along with an unsetting synth-melodies and a basic beat. There are some hints of minimal wave, but "Give Up In Despair" is first of all a raw and grotesque piece of electronics.  (Listen to it here)

Yes this is not a All Gone release, but I thought it would be useful to include both Siobhan tapes in one post. "Current Affairs" is Siobhan's latest release. The psychedlic industrial noise is still foremost here, but the eight songs are a little more varied. They balance between pounding beats and pumping 80s techno and minimal wave influences on the one hand and cosmic, spaced out sounds on the other. Some tunes are comparable with a weird, lo-fi version of current Not Not Fun related bands, others are way more noisy and experimental. The spoken vocals are distorted and sound even more zombified and terrifying. Without exaggeration, this is some of today's best electronic music. (Listen to it here)

Tarpit is the moniker of Sam Hooker, who's also jamming in other Detroit bands like Public Urination or Orphanage Rats. With Tarpit he has created something really unique and it's hard to describe what's going on here. The six tracks are characterized by long and slow instrumental jams, modified instrumental sounds, bizarre guitar lines and mysterious spoken vocals. The recording captures a cold, industrial feel made with thundering noisy sounds. The repetive long song structures sound more dangerous and captivating with every new second ticking by. "Old News" is a musical horror trip, that will make you want to crawl under your bedspread. Think of a lo-fi mixture of Dead C and Throbbing Gristle. Highly Recommended! (Listen to it here)

Each band on this compilation is worth it and there's not a single filler track. If you like other All Gone releases you won't be dissapointed here. And if you don't own a single All Gone release, this one might be a good starting point. Roachclip kick off the compilation with their mixture of 90s Siltbreeze influences and 80s UK DIY postpunk. "Not Enough" is driven by gloomy psychedelic organ sounds. Mean Bikini are a new (or at least new to me) UK based 60s garage group. "Animal" shows simularities to the Thee Headcoatees, but it's filled with more poppy melodies. Next come The Lake Erie Psycho Surfers and the term "Pycho Surfers" is more than true. Think of dirty version of The Cramps. The K-9 Sniffies track has also been included on their "Dehydration" tape. Groovy garage-psych munge at it's best. "Pure Evil" is first of all a typical The Bibs song. Their weird folk is underlayed here with a cheap drum-computer beat. The b-side begins with Greymouth. "Fake Beard" fuses postpunk with garage buried under a mush of guitar noise. Melbourne based trio Mole House crank out another bummer folk-pop gem. The Offset Spectacles from Beijing, China complete the compilation with an extended trip in deep psych space, that will make you want to lie down and hallucinate slowly. (Listen to it here)

This is the solo release by William Corrigan, who's also playing organ in Roachclip. "Grandma's House" features two compositions with extented song structures all based on Corrigans brilliant piano-playing. Both tunes are fast, dissonant improvisations. Corrigian is really comfortable with his instrument and his music is very complex and profound. I haven't listened before to a piano only recording. In this case it's been a impressing experience. It's really hard to put this music in any categories. It's definitely influenced by free jazz pianists, but it also reminds me of music from the 1920s. Above all is Corrigan's weird approach. "Fire Sale" is the best example. It's underlayed with some of the most bizzare vocals. It's really difficult to understand a single word acoustically. "Trapped Again" on the b-side is in contrary entirely instrumental. (Listen to it here)