Friday, September 6, 2013


This is already the fourth 7" release by Dalaplan from Malmö, Sweden. Their music is rooted in different genres from the 60s and 70s ranging from garage to rock'n'roll, protopunk and some hints of power-pop. But your wrong, if you think this is pure retro-music. Dalaplan give their tunes a fresh, special note. Their "Trillar I" 7" reminded me of Radio Birdman, but the two songs on this 7" are way poppier. Especially the titletrack "Redan Död" is first of all a sunny, immediate pop-tune with fantastic multi-voiced vocals you will have a hard time getting them out of your head. They slow things down on the b-side. "Siste Kvar" is characterized by a moody feel and slugging structures. One of the main secrets of Dalaplans sound are the fantastic sugar-sweet organ harmonies. They take the best moments of Murder City Devils, MC5, The Sonics and Radio Birdman to merge it with their own pop vibe. As usual the urban photography-artwork looks fantastic. There's a first full Dalaplan album coming out soon. I definitely won't miss it!  (Listen to it here

This is already the third single by Sweden's Knifven. It's hard to put their music in any categories. They don't really sound like something completely new, but Knifven have definitely devolped their own, unique brand of punkrock. Highly distinctive double-voiced vocals are paired with a crunching guitar, a fat loud bass and pounding drums. Within the roughness and the straightness of their compositions, they don't forget to add superb melodies and catchy refrains. "Av!" is a faster-paced straight on hardcorepunk tune. "Den Sista Jäveln" sounds at the beginning like some dissonant postpunk, then the song turns into melodic punkrock with plenty of variation and amazing bass lines. For my taste Knifven sound a bit like a rougher and straighter version of Bäddat För Trubbel, which means they fuckin' rule. And I have to point out the fantastic look of the comic artwork. (Listen to it here)

I sometimes visit recordstores just to flip through records of all different kind of genres. When it comes to metal, I'm everytime shocked about the horrible look of 80s metal groups. Swedish metal act Night look the same without a sense of shame and also their music is nothing but a tribute to the time, when hardrock turned into heavy metal. Night are first of all influenced by British heavy metal with Judas Priest influenced riffs, a Kiss inspired groove and melodies simular to Iron Maiden. Of course they also use the obvious high eunuch-vocals, extended guitar-solos and singalong refrains. "Gunpoweder Treason" is a five-minute midtempo anthem based on infectious hooks and ripping guitars. "Into The Night" is a faster tough as nails tune, that includes one of the most cheesy metal solos ever. Both songs are brilliant and Night are at least as good as their musical idols. The strange thing is: I actually don't like metal, but I love Night. (Listen to it here)

TYRED EYES - GHOSTS 7" (Gaphals)
Tyred Eyes are a garage group from Gothenburg, Sweden. This 7" follows their "The Piercing Stare, The Thousand Lies" full lenght and their fantastic "Too Late To Make It Right" debut 7" on Kenrock. Compared with their previous releases "Ghosts" is characterized by a softer and more cuddly sound. The four tracks are still rooted in the classic sound of 60s garage, but instead of cranking out fuzzy, blown-out music, they've pushed plenty of sugar-sweet guitar melodies into the forefront. The dueling male-female double-vocals are highly distinctive and well-done. This is really a nice garage-pop single for the sunny sides of life. And if you dig  Alicja-Pop!, you'll probably also be digging this 7". (Listen to it here)