Friday, September 27, 2013


ANGERS CURSE - S/T 12" (Gaphals)
Could a band, whose frontcover pictures a fighting viking on a white horse suck? Of course not! The sound of sirens is really not a that innovative intro and also the musical performance uses proven concepts. Angers Curse play old school hardcore, that mixes blast parts with rythmical mosh riffs, groovy midtempo parts and a few hints of metal. The focus is on the barking throaty vocals. Angers Curse find a good balance between sounding "pissed off" and "dark". The "pissed off" elements show simularities to newer Boston hardcore groups like American Nightmare or Panic and also the lyrics about personal disappointments seem to be Wesley Eisold influenced. The "darkness" is made with influences taken from Modern Life Is Ware. Fans of fast modern hardcore won't be dissapointed here. (Listen to it here)

Damage are a current Swedish hardcore four-piece, but if I didn't know it better I would think this record has been recorded in the USA during the mid 80s. "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" offers fast, catchy hardcore. The foundation is blistering '80s inspired hardcore, but they add some melodies and catchier structures: There are some hints of straight edge hardcore shimmering through. Their tunes capture a positive vibe with an undercurrent of melodies and the fast drum-breats are heavily youth crew influenced. Think of something between Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds and mid 80s nardcore bands like Stalag 13 and Ill Repute. Ten songs are ticking by in about fourteen minutes, so it should be clear, that Damage keep their straight on 80s hardcore to the point. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

NOCTURNAL - S/T LP (Gaphals)
Nocturnal are a Linköping based rock four-piece. This selftitled debut album follows two 7"s also released on the Swedish Gaphals label. Nocturnal take the best moments of rock music from the late 60s to the mid 70s and merge them to their own fresh and independet style. No matter if psychedelic-, progressive-, blues- or straight on hardrock, it's all here. The eight tracks are rooted in the sound of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young. The musical performance is overall tight and precise. The top notch guitar-work is one of the main secrets of Nocturals tunes. It fuses rythmical blues riffage with extented solos ranging from psychedelic wah-wah effects to the sound of tough as nails proto-metal. The rythm-section adds addictive killer grooves and the high hard-rock vocals sound highly distinctive. The production sounds modern, clean and energetic. This record as a whole is first of all a wild piece of classic rock, but it's too unique and too characteristic to be reduced on a retro-style. (Listen to it here)

REVENGE - S/T 12" (Gaphals)
Hailing from Malmö Revenge feature members of Venerea, Satanic Surfers, Intensity, Sista Sekunden and other Swedish punk and hardcore groups. This 12" sounds like a 21st century version of 80s US Hardcore. Some tunes are slower, most are faster-paced, but all are straightforward and rooted in the sound of classic hardcore. The record features eleven hardcore-punk cuts delivered with rawness, aggression and intensity. The midtempo songs are based on well done Black Flag riffage. "You're a fool" and "Pressure" sound like they've been taken from Uniform Choice's "Screaming For Change" album. At the same time the compositions are varied enough, to maintain a fresh sound and some elements are rather atypical: The lead vocals are very melodic, the rocking refrains are true anthems and the production sounds modern and powerful. This is a throughly well done piece of hardcore. (Listen to it here)