Friday, October 25, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 5 OF 6

BLACK CODE / LUST FOR DEATH - SPLIT 7" (Dingleberry/ Wolfbiker)
There are currently some really good but overseen hardcore bands coming from France. Two of them share this small piece of vinyl. The two songs on Black Code's side of the split follow their highly recommended "Hanged, Drawn And Quatered" full lenght. Black Code's music is grounded in a mix of filthy crust and metal, but here they've defintely pushed their Entombed and At The Gates influences into the forefront. Lust For Death fuse the darkness and speed of His Hero Is Gone with the ferocity and brutality of death metal. Things are based on sick metal riffage, pounding drums, super raspy vocals and an overall tight musical performance. Both tunes have groove and power. If your Jesus Crust is into metal, this one's for you. (Listen to it here)

CREEM - CURATOR 7" (Static Shock)
Hailing from Brooklyn, New York Creem are one of the best current 80s inspired hardcore acts and this brandnew 7" is yet another great example. The fast hammering titletrack "Curator" sounds like something between early 80s New York and Boston hardcore. It takes influences from SS Decontrol, The Abused, Antidote, Negative FX and it's really not a bit worse than the originals. The other three tracks are a bit slower and more varied. The snotty guitars and catchy choruses show obvious hints of raw early 80s UK punkrock. "The Hunchback" even offers hot AC/DC influenced hard-rock riffage. The powerful, throaty vocals truly mark out Creem from the rest. This 7" offers some of their best recordings so far! Excellent! (Listen to it here)

GAG - GAS MASK '95 7" (Perennial)
Don't expect any Dinosaur Jr. indie rock here, because this is not a typical Perennial release. Gag play chaotic, unconventional hardcorepunk based on heavy distortions, feedbacks and reverbs all over the place. The two songs sound like a pitiless mess of wild blown out hardcore noise. It's only possible to make vague guesses what you're next going to receive. The focus is on the mutant echo vocals, that sound like they were recorded in a cold cave. Think of something between The Germs, G.I.S.M., Anti-Cimex and The Brainbombs. There's only one thing, that sucks: this is a flexi 7". This might be a obscure format and yes it has been popular among some late 80s Japanes hardcore bands, but a regular vinyl record delivers a better quality and it isn't such a baggy thing. However, one thing is for certain: the music is excellent. (Listen to it here)

PRAY FOR TEETH- I'M STILL FINDING FEATHERS IN MY HAIR 7" (Root Of Evil Collective/ It's A Trap/ Moshtache)
Pray For Teeth' debut single 7" sounds heavy, even if it works without speed, blasts and brutality. Instead, this trio from Pittsburgh, PA delivers two slow, punishing and epic tunes. Effect-loaded guitars, some brilliant melodic hooks, heavy grooving drums, gruff vocals and an overall dark atmosphere is what you can expect from this fine small piece of vinyl. Pray For Teeth' fuse sludge with modern hardcore, post-rock and doom to create their own unmistakable brand of depressive hardcore. Think of something between of Isis, Cult Of Luna, Modern Life Is War and Achilles and you'll know, that this single is absolutely worth to check out. (Listen to it here)

SVFFER - S/T 7" (Vendetta/ Narshardaa)
Many recordings of hardcore bands sound brutal, but only a few are able to carry this power and intensity over to a live show. Svffer from Münster, Germany are definitely one of these exception. I've seen them perform live in my hometown a few weeks ago and it has been one of my most impressive hardcore shows since a long time. The band consists of people who have been involved in Unrest, Alpinist, Chuck Damage and Nervous Breakdown (just to name a few). Everyone is really comfortable with their instruments. Svffers's brand of hardcore is first of all based on a guitar-driven heavy wall of sound. The four tracks on their selftitled vinyl debut combine the complexity of Coalesce, Perth Express and Glasses with the speed and heaviness of blasting 90s west-coast powerviolence. Another main secret of Svffer's music are their pissed off vocals, that are screaming and barking all the way. Get this 7"!  (Listen to it here)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 4 OF 6

The two songs on this single were orginally released on Action Swinger's 1994 "Quite While You're Ahead" CD. Thanks to Total Punk they have now been pressed on vinyl for the very first time. For good reasons: The a-side delivers some of the best noise-punk I've heart since a long time. "Miserable Life" is mainly based on one riff, but it's insane monotonic and long structures make it sound more devastating with every new repeat. The songs is a mess of  merciless lyrics, feedbacks, heavy distortion and ugliness. Imagine a bastard of Flipper and The Brainbombs. "Losing My Cool" on the flipside is another top notch song, that fuses noise-punk with hints of 70s hardrock and some brash ripping guitar-solos. (Listen to it here

Bon Voyage brings us the vinyl debut by Cannon from Brisbane, Australia and the title "It's cool, no worries" definitley reflects it's quality. Cannon's brand of garage rock uses proven influences, but at the same time this five-piece gives their songs an unmistakable note, that clearly distingúishes them from the rest. Brilliant guitar-lines, galopping 60s garage beats and a perfect balance between rawness and catchy melodies is what we can expect from these five tracks with a full playtime of more than ten minutes(!). Some songs are fast some are poppy, but all are focused on frontman's Callan Murphy's weird, barking and hard to understand vocals. Thinks of something between The Urinals, Black Lips and early Rough Trade releases. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here

Drags are a new band from Oakland, California. The two songs on this single were recorded by Mathew Melton of Warm Soda and simular to them also Drags create their tunes with the help of fantastic power pop hooks. "Sense" is a no frills pop-punk gem based on strumming guitar melodies and distinctive echo vocals. Imagine Jesus And Mary Chain's sound combined with sunny pop melodies. "Sticks And Stones", the second track on this one-side single, offers well done psych-pop made with delay-loaded guitar leads and harmonizing background vocals. Both songs have class and originality and I really can't wait for more Drags releases!  Very nice! (Listen to it here)
Here's the second single I've recently got from these L.A. punks and it's another must have if you dig raw and classic punkrock. Neighborhood Brats, who are (probably) named after the song from The Boys' "Alternative Chartbusters" masterpiece, pick up the best elements of late 70s and early 80s Californian punk & hardcore, but they don't forget to add their own fresh note. The songs have everything you are looking for: power, intensity, melodies, snotty guitars and some really outstanding female vocals. You get three originals and one felicitous cover version of "Lust To Love" originally performed by The Go-Go's. This 7"s sounds seriously as good as your favourite singles by The Bags, The Eyes, The Lewd, The Avengers, X and The Alley Cats. (Listen to it here)

NO//SE - BEACH BATHROOM BINGO 7" (1859/ Different Kitchen)
I've became aware of NO//SE because they've recently toured Europe. After listening to their last year's full lenght, it was clear, that I also had to get this new 7". Hailing from California NO//SE play guitar-driven punkrock. This single features two smashing tunes of their typical brandmark sound. Compared with their LP the production sounds a bit rougher and that's just the perfect complement to their mix of loud blasting guitars, raspy vocals, harmonizing background chants and straight song structures. One of the most impressive things about NO//SEI is how they balance dirtiness, ferocity, catchiness and melancholic undertones. Mix the best parts of Stiff Little Fingers. The Hellacopters, Channel 3, Smogtown and Leatherface and you'll probably get a rough idea, how impressive this band sounds like. Don't be a fool and get this 7"! (Listen to it here)

SICK THOUGHTS - BLOOD RED 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
Thanks to Ty Segall, Black Lips, Mikal Cronin, Jacuzzy Boys etc. garage music has recently become hip in the world of underground music. I have no problem with that, but I’m more than happy, that there’s still garage that sounds like this. Sick Thoughts are a duo from Baltimore. On this single they crank out two cuts of their in-your-face punkrock. It's all buried under a lo-fi mush of distortions, heavy fuzz and a raw-as-hell four track production. The songs sound like a product of sheer primitivity. Things are based on basic drum-beats, short fucked up guitar solos and some brilliant ugly vocals. Sick Thoughts take influences from The Oblivians and The Reatards to fuse them with their own demented no frills approach. In case you know the German band Superhellicopter, this sounds very simular. (Listen to it here

Monday, October 21, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 3 OF 6

BIKES - OCEAN PENIS 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
Goodby Boozy Records from Italy brings a new 7" by one of Germany's hottest current garage acts. Bikes are a trio from Berlin featuring members of Hellshovel, Demons Claws and Die Ersten Menschen. Their music captures a raw, unpolished, classic garage vibe. Both songs on this one-sided single are reduced to the basics, but they offer everything you need to succesfully play some really good garage-punk. Bikes combine fuzz effects with short destructive guitar solos, some really well done choruses and the galopping beats of 60s garage. "Ocean Penis" is a brilliant stomper based on a catchy as hell guitar riff. "Can't Wait" sounds a bit faster, straighter and wilder. If you dig The Black Jaspers, Black Lips and BBQ, you'll probably also be digging this. (Listen to it here)

CANE! - SEX, LOVE AND THREESOMES 7" (Shit Music For Shit People/ Bored Youth)
Cane! are yet another hot current punk group from Italy. This duo delivers frantic synth-punk, that recalls the classic sound of the The Units, The Screamers and other inventors of this genre. They merge the ferocity and power of punkrock with the catchiness of power-pop and Devo's weirdness. The songs are made with fast drum computer beats, snotty guitars, sharp riffs and tons of catchy choruses and harmonies. The four tracks of this fantastic 7" include a cover version of The Reatards classic "Blew My Mind" in memory of the second anniversary of Jay Reatards death. If you are a fan of The Spits, The Lost Sounds and Black Bug, this 7" will definitely satisfy your soul. Shit Music For Shit People brings the digital version, Bored Youth is responsible for the physical copy. (Listen to it here)

COLD CIRCUITS - S/T 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger)
You really can't go wrong with a Erste Theke Tonträger release and this small piece of vinyl is yet another great example: Cold Circuits are a new band from the bay area with members of Synthetic ID and compared with them this selftitled debut 7" leads into a very simular musical direction. That's fine by me, because I've been a fan of Synthetic ID's demo 7" and 12". The four songs are a product of full blown punkrock, bleak 80s postpunk and the currently popular Wipers influences. The guitar playing and the bass with their dark and dissonant sound are influenced by Wire, Fugazi and Crisis. The vocals remind me of Rick Froberg of Hot Snakes. But altogether it's straight on punkrock, that uses the above-mentioned influences to keep the songs fresh, smart and varied. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Gameday Regulars are a Bronx, New York based trio, even if their music seems to be more connected with Gainsville, Florida. The four songs show that characteristic contrast between rough vocals on the one hand and melancholic guitar melodies on the other like it's best known from releases on No Idea Records. Gameday Regulars recall the sound of "Mush" era Leatherface, early Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker. The vocals sound super raspy in a Frankie Stubs meets Chuck Ragan kind of way. What all songs have in common are great melodies, a characteristic groove, catchy choruses and a stand out guitar work. If you're a fan of Iron Chic, this will be your new obsession. (Listen to it here)

Neighborhood Brats have definitely understood, that simple reduction is one main key to create great punk tunes. This band from Los Angeles, California writes songs with the help of a few chords, catchy choruses and basic drum beats. The four tracks on this 7" are driven by a loud, snotty bass and guitar sound and some really fantastic female vocals. Neighborhood Brats do a great job of reviving the spirit of classic late 70s and early 80s Californian punkrock. The 7"'s kicks off with "Birth Right" inspired by Dangerhouse bands like The Avengers, The Bags and The Eyes. "Party Going Right" leads into a early hardcore direction simular to Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans and The Adolescents. The flipside features a cover song by Youth Of Today's "Break Down The Walls". I've never been into straight edge hardcore and I think Neighborhood's own songs are a lot more interesting than everything Youth Of Today has ever written. So it's better to skip that and jump over to the final song. "Exit Strategies" is another fine punk cut with a double mixed gender chant in the forefront. Great! (Listen to it here)

During the last couple of years there have been countles of really good new punk and hardcore groups coming from the UK scene like for example Good Throb, Mean Bikini, Love Triangle, No, Violent Reaction, The Flex, Hygiene, Woolf, Satellites Of Love, The Pheromoans, Woolf or Dry Heaves (just to name a few). Sauna Youth should also be included here. They are an quartett from London and Brighton and this 7" follows their excellent last year's "Dreamlands" debut full lenght. In contrast to their varied album the two tracks on this single offer straight and simple indie-punk. The titeltrack is a midtempo Ramones influenced pop-punk gem with beautiful female vocal harmonies pushed into the forefront. "Oh Joel" is a faster-paced immediate punk cut. It sounds like a modern indie-punk version of The Undertones with a super catchy chorus part.  Don't miss this 7"! (Listen to it here)

Friday, October 18, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 2 OF 6

"A Day At The Beach" is the vinyl debut by Atlantic Thrills from Providence, RI. If I didn't know it better, I would think these two songs were recorded sometime in the mid 60s. Of course many current bands try to revibe music from that period, but Atlantic Thrills stand out, because they need no heavy psych, no fuzz and nothing fancy to write really good songs. The titletrack and "Hold Your Tongue" on the b-side are two basic rock'n'roll tunes with an incredible sense for sunny melodies. Atlantic Thrills pair crunchy, yet jangly guitars with husky vocals and galloping garage beats. The background choral singing is heavily influenced by The Beach Boys. It's all done with class, originality and good songwriting. You really can't go wrong with this great piece of garage-pop! (Listen to it here

This single takes up where Bits Of Shit left off with ther "Cut Sleeves" full lenght, which has been one of my last years favorite Aussie records. This Melbourne based four-piece blurs the line between early SST releases and classic Aussie rock'n'roll. The songs are driving, but not too fast with a great groove and a focus on the excellent guitar-work. The vocals have a ruined sound in a Darby Crash kind of way. The titletrack "Meat Thump" with it's weird Greg Ginn guitar riffs sounds like a complete worship to Black Flag, The Dicks and The Feederz. "W.W. Me" merges the rawness of straight on punkrock with the ferocity of Coloured Balls and Supernaut. Both songs are highly recommended and it's all done with passion, power and intensity. Don't miss this single!  (Listen to it here)

Destruction Unit startet in 2000 in Memphis as a synth-punk solo project by the leading head Ryan Rousseau. Their first two albums were recorded with the help of Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout of the Lost Sounds. Then Rousseau moved to Arizona and restarted the band with a new musical orientation. Since then their music has become better and more crushing with every new release. On this single Destruction Unit sound like they combine two contradictory ideas. On the one hand their songs are hard hitting with a destructtive noise-punk sound, while on the other hand they are characterized by a wall of blown out psychedelic guitar sounds simular to Hawkwind's space rock. It's probably just coincidence, but Destrcution Unit's vocals always remind me of Jay Reatard. Both songs on this single haven't been included on Destruction Unit's brand new album and the title "Two Strong Hits" sums it up very well. (Listen to it here

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas Mouthbreathers deliver their third 7" within the last three years. After the first seconds it seems like Mouthbreathers are no more than another good retro-punk group. The beginning of "Nowhere else to go" with it's crushing guitars and top notch vocal harmonies sounds like it has been taken from a "Bloodstains Across The UK" compilation, but then the song turns into a gloomy surf direction with heavy delay effects. "Mindbreathers" has a simular structure with punk influences at the beginning, but here they are replaced by an extented psychedelic trip influenced by Hawkwind's space rock. It's really impressive how Mouthbreathers blur the lines between several different music genres and how they fuse them to their own unique mixture. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

What we've got here is the very promising first release for Earthbound Records from Louisville, Kentucky. It's a 7" by White Reaper, who are also based in Louisville. They are a duo consisting of drums and guitar only, but you're wrong if you think their music could sound stripped down. White Reaper crank out two cuts of wild, crashing and unpolished punkrock. The songs have sensational hooks and melodies. Things are based on a fuzzy, heavy distorted guitar, catchy raspy vocals and some really pounding drum beats. Both songs sound poppy in a very pleasant way. White Reaper fuse influences ranging from garage to poppunk and early 90s indierock. Think of a product of Japanther, Toys That Kill, Superchunk and The Mummies but with soul and originality to back it up. Fantastic!  (Listen to it here)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 1 OF 6

Both bands were on tour together and this split 7“ is the product of their friendship. The tune on Crimnal Code's side of the split takes up where they left off with their previous highly recommended releases. "Ruins" combines dark and desperate wave influences with energetic punkrock. Criminal Code take influences from The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, The Wipers and Drive Like Jehu, but in the end it’s their own independet brand of postpunk. They are simply one of the best current bands of this genre. Big Crux feature one guy from Life’s Halt, even if their music leads into a different direction. "R-13" is dancable track based on fantastic melodies, a funky groove and driving bass lines. The vocals sung in Spanish language area highly charismatic. Big Crux are one of the few bands, that are comparable with Minutemen, Big Boys and Firehose. This is one of this year's best split 7"s! (Listen to it here)

ICH BIN EIN ESEL - HOLY GRAIL 7" (Swashbuckling Hobo) 
I’m a little bit confused about the German bandname and the German flag on the frontcover. Ich Bin Ein Esel (which means "I’m a donkey") are an Australian trio with former Onyas members. One thing is clear: Their music is definitely not connected with Germany. Instead of that they crank out four cuts of Stooges influenced guitar-driven Aussie rock’n’roll. That's the kind of music Australia has been best know for in the late 80s. Bored!, Cosmic Psychos or God are the obvious references. Most current Australian bands create their own, fresh music. That’s great, but I’m more than happy, that there’s still Aussie punkrock that sounds like this. The titletrack „Holy Grail“ is a true winner track based on a catchy anthem-like chorus. This is one of the songs you'll play over and over again after the first listen. The other three tracks aren't that outstanding, but also worth it. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

NUCLEAR SPRING - S/T 7" (Hardware/ Cut The Chord That/ Doomtown)
This single has been released in support of Nuclear Spring's tour through Europe. They are a Brooklyn based band with members of Creem. Creem play 80s inspired hardcore with some hints of classic punkrock and Oi!. Nuclear Spring seem to push those hints into the forefront. Their vinyl debut offers four midtemnpo tunes, that find a good balance between melodies and rawness. The songs are filled with sensational hooks, simple guitar-melodies and catchy sing-alongs. At the same time they are rough and straight blasting. The focus is on the well done mixed gender vocals. Nuclear Spring fuse late 70s US punkrock with classic UK peacepunk and Oi! music. Imagine a product of The Lewd, Icons Of Filth, Blitz and The Partisans and you'll get a rough idea how brilliant this 7" is. (Listen to it here)

THE SPACE LADY - MAJOR TOM 7" (Night School) 
This is a quite bizzare single. There are no two opinions about The Space Lady: either you like her music or you don't. I'm a fan, because I totally dig her unconventional approach. The Space Lady is a street musician from San Francisco, California. She performs wearing a whimsical steel helmet with angel wings. This single features two interpretations of well known songs based on Casiotone keyboard sounds. "Major Tom" on the a-side is a cover version of Peter Schilling's Neue Deutsche Welle classic. Even if I don’t like the orginal version The Space Lady succeeds to turn it into something special with her haunting, shy vocals and her 80s video game casio sounds. The flipside offers another fabolous coverversion of "Radar Love" originally performed by the Dutch rock group Golden Earring. True outsider music at it's best! (Listen to it here)

TERRIBLE FEELINGS - BACKWOODS 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger/ Sabotage)
Here's the fourth single by Terrible Feelings from Malmö, Sweden. I haven't been totally enthusiastic about their full lenght, but they are still unbeatable on 7" format. Their early songs reminded me of recent Swedish punk groups like Masshysteri or The Vicious, but in course of their existence Terrible Feelings have constantly developed their music further to fuse their punkrock with several different music genres. "Backwoods" shows influences ranging from surf to deathrock, country, pop and 70s rock. The gloomy, dark mood gives their songs a special and highly distinctive note. Things are based on a extremly varied guitar-work and some really powerful female vocals. Think of the perfect combination of The Gun Club, Napalm Beach, The Smiths, The Flesh Eaters and Patti Smith. You really can't go wrong with this three track 7"! (Listen to it here)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This record has become a classic, even if it mostly circulated in form of mp3 files. For everyone, who didn't have the privilege to get a copy back then, Feral Ward finally delivers an official reissue of this Japanese hardcore classic. It orginally came out on Bastard Records and Blood Sucker Records in 1992. Back in the late 80s and early 90s a new wave of Japanese hardcore bands fused crust punk with the instrumental ferocity of ’80s speed metal. Death Side and Bastard were he most influental acts among this "burning spirits" hardcore scene. They've paved the way for Crude, Forward, Paintbox, Crow and many other Japanese hardcore bands. The sound of "burning spirits" has also influenced Tragedy and the whole neo-crust scene. "Wind of Pain" features eight pounding tracks of furious crust combined with flashy guitar solos and highly charismatic top notch vocals. If you like hardcorepunk, this one's a must have. (Listen to it here)

The Penetrators from Syracuse, New York existed from 1976 to 1984, but you're wrong if you think the explosion of punk had an major influence on their music. This band took the sound of The Sonics, The Stooges, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and all their rock'n'roll favourites from the 60s and 70s to fuse it with their very own primitive and twisted punk attitude. The result is some of the best garage rock ever. "Kings Of Basement Rock" is a collection of their twelve best songs. It originally came out in 1986 on Fred Records. In 2000 Rave Up Records from Italy reissued it for the first time and now Slovenly brings the second reissue. Of particular note are the tracks from their "Teenage Lifestyle" and "Gotta Have Here" 7"s, that both originally came out in 1979. "Teenage Lifestyle" (also part of Killed By Death #19) is a Stooges influenced blasting protopunk anthem with great lyrics. "Baby, Dontcha Tell Me" is another snotty, super-cool and loud garage tune. But the whole record is filled with brilliant songs and the term "Kings Of Basement Rock" is more than true. (Listen to it here)
Sado-Nation were an early punk group from Portland, Oregon. Their hard to find debut 7" came out on Greg Sage's Trap Records in 1980. One year later the band recorded songs for their "Disruptive Pattern" LP, but it wasn't released back then and it took 32 years until they've now been pressed on vinyl for the very first time. Sado-Nation nail down out eight tracks of catchy no frills punkrock with distinctive female vocals and plenty of brilliant melodies. The music is of the same quality as your favourite Dangerhouse singles. It pairs the vibe of early US-westcoast bands like The Bags, X, The Avengers and The Eyes with some darker undertones. In addition to that the LP features three more songs from a 1983 recording session, that were sent for promotion to the Maximum Rock'n'Roll fanzine back then. On these recordings Sad-Nation are heavily influenced by the US hardcore boom of that time and so the songs are faster and a more agressive. (Listen to it here)

During it's previous four volumes the "Bonhead Crunchers" compilation series has led us from the USA to the UK to continental Europe. Now it has arrived in one the homelands of dirty, loud and brash rock'n'roll: Australia. All songs on this LP are taken from hard to find singles released from the early 70s to 1977. Musically this volume offers a tough as nails combination of hard rock, protopunk and protometal with a focus on great sing-a-long refrains. It is striking, that all bands have a totally anti-intellectual attitude. Most lyrics are written in the view of a thug dealing with alcohol, parties, violence, girls and more simularily important topics. The big names are missing here: No AC/DC, no Coloured Balls and no Supernaut even they've been a main influence for many bands included here. It isn't useful to point out certain bands and tracks, because this whole compilation is a great example of Australia's ripping rock scene during the 70s. You get thirteen tracks by Twister, Fat Daddy, Francis Butler's Sixty-Niners, Head, Chook, Sparkle, Toxic, The Ash Band, U Turn, Ceeza, Bullet, Marcarthur and King Harvest. Most of the listed groups have been previously unknown to me, but they're worth it without exception. (Listen to it here)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


FRAMTID - DEFEAT OF CIVILISATION LP (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Crust War/ Black Water)
Twelve years after their genre defining "Under the ashes" LP Framtid from Osaka, Japan are finally back with a brand new full lenght. This record is not innovative at all, but Framtid know how to push conventional d-beat, crust and harcorepunk infuences on a higher, more extreme level. They master their instruments brilliantly and the whole recording is played with ease and precision. As so typical for Japanese hardcore bands Framtid have put a lot of thought into their sound and their production. Many bands use distortions, feedbacks and noise, but Framtid's recordings sound more extreme and more powerful than all the others. They throw in influences from bands like Discharge, Chaos UK, Disorder, Meanwhile, Shitlickers, Anti-Cimex, Bastard, Disclose, Avskum and Totalitär to combine them with their own unique style of merciless hammering hardcore noise. Don't miss this modern classic of Japanese hardcore! (Listen to it here)

Friday, October 11, 2013


THE NEW FLESH - REALITY LP (Cut The Chord That...)
Just when I thought the current wave of goth-punk groups has passed it's peak, I've discovered the vinyl debut by this new band from the bay area. The New Flesh from Oakland, California consist of former and current members of Chest Pain, Sacred Shock, Deskonocidos, Neon Piss and Vaaska. Fronted by sustaining, dark vocals influenced by Factory Records releases, the band fuses elements of postpunk, wave and goth-music to create their own brand of dark punkrock. The music has sensational grooves and hooks. It's velocity is built with hard-driving drum beats and emphasized bass lines. The guitar playing with it's brilliant melodies and echoing riffs is another important part of this album. Within all the darkness and desperation the tunes maintain a straight on punk feel with a fresh and punchy. sound. Think of something between Warsaw, Crisis, TSOL and The Cure. I'm not really sure, but I think they use pages from a Sartre novel for the background of their cover artwork. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


AUSTRALIA - ROBOT CD (selfreleased)
Don't let the bandname fool you. AustraliA are not from down under. They are an Italian duo from Pisa and "Robot" is their selfreleased debut release. The most impressing thing about these six songs is how they balance "pop" and "rawness". AustraliA create the "pop" part through catchy-as-hell refrains and tons of vocal harmonies, that will stay in your ear after the first listen. When it comes to "rawness" things are based on a thrashing fuzzy guitar, a lo-fi four track production and a no frills punk attitude. The songs get along with a few riffs, cheap drum machine beats and some very nice synth-melodies, but there's nothing missing and this simpleness ist just the fascinating thing about this mini album. AustraliA sound like a fusion of punkrock and early 90s indie-pop. Think of something between Jay Reatard, The Spits on the one hand and Guided By Voices, Superchunk on the other. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


SICKOIDS - NO HOME 12" (Hardware/ Grave Mistake/ Sorry State)
There are currently many bands playing 80s inspired hardcore, but to be honest I've quit buying all their releases. The reason is: most of them are good, but not as good as the originals. Sickoids are an exception. They are a Philladelphia based trio with former members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt. This 12" follows up their debut album with six new tracks. Sickoids play blistering, straight on hardcore based on pounding drums, sharp guitar riffs, a thundering bass, angry vocals and everything else you need to write top notch hardcore tunes. "No Home" sounds straighter and more agressive than their previous LP with a clear focus on sheer raging energy. Sickoids merge the directness of "Pick Your King" era Poison Idea with the darkness of early Touch&Go groups like Die Kreuzen and The Necros. The guitar work is very varied and complex within the possibilities of 80s hardcore. It also shows some simularities to Discharge. This is some of today's best hardcore! Grave Mistake and Sorry State bring the US release, Hardware is responsible for the European version. (Listen to it here)

Monday, October 7, 2013


DEVO - HARDCORE VOLUME 1 LP (Superior Viaduct)
Devo's two "Hardcore" volumes originally came out in 1990 and 1991 as a CD. They've been out of print over twenty years and now thanks to Superior Veriduct they finally get a CD and LP reissue. The four-track recordings were made in Akron, Ohio at Devo's basement space from 1974-1977. Devo were true pioneers of punk and electronic music. They were far ahead of their time with their unique brand of synth-punk. Compared with their later releases the fiveteen tracks sound more basic and stripped down. Devo took the electro-pop of Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" album and merged it with their very own kind of paranoid primitivity. The recordings vary between futuristic, robotic synth-sounds, pre-punk tunes and funky jams, but they all capture Devo's typcial twisted pop vibe. Back then Devo wrote probably the most demented and most stupid lyrics ever. Most of them seem to be a product of teenage frustrations Exactly this weirdness is one of the main secrets about Devo. Only “Mongoloid” and “Jocko Homo” made it on their "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo" debut album, but "hardcore volume 1" is filled with brilliant songs, that already suggest Devo's prime importance to the music of the lates 70s and early 80s. I hate the original version of "(I can't get no) satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones, but Devo's cover rules, just like this whole record fuckin' rules (Listen to it here)

DEVO - HARDCORE VOLUME 2 2xLP (Superior Viaduct)
The second volume of Devo's "hardcore" recordings covers twentyfour more tracks pressed on two full LPs. It's as essential as the first volume and everything what's written above is also more than true here. Lyrically the second volume is even more weird. The themes are abrasive, sexual and totally retared. They seem to be first of all a product of sexual frustration and anger. Musically "Hardcore Volume 2" again offers a large varitey of different influence. Devo's tunes are based on electronic drum beats and robotic synth sounds, but at the same time they throw in influences ranging from disco music to garage, easy-listening, funk and pop. These recordings illustrate, that Devo were true innovaters of synth-punk and wave. The cover version of Allen Toussaint’s “Working in a Coal Mine” is one of the stand-out tracks here. A true classic! (Listen to it here)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Don't let the frontcover fool you, this record has nothing to do with goth music. Philadelphia based trio Lantern sounds like a reincarnation of the best moments of American rock music. If I didn't know it better, I would think this album was recorded some time in the mid 70s. "Rock'n'Roll Rorschach" is a gritty, brash and snotty fusion of rock, glam, blues, garage, protopunk and sleaze. Lantern write midtempo songs based on fat ripping riffs, tasty sharp guitar-leads, a driving groove, bombastic vocals and a few saxophone notes. Some songs capture a straight on rock feel, some are more focused on groovy blues elements, but all are made with insane repetitive structures, which will hammer the hook right into your frontal lobes. In contrast to their previous cassette and vinyl singles, this record is equipped with a professional studio-production, which makes it sound even more pounding. The eight songs on this album are certainly no less exciting than your favourite records from The Stooges, MC5. New York Dolls, David Bowie, Alice Cooper and The Rolling Stones. So do yourself a favour and get this wild piece of top notch rock music. (Listen to it here)

Friday, October 4, 2013


This 7" follows Axis:Sova's last years "Weight Of A Color" full length on Kill Shaman. Brett Sova is the guy behind this Chicago based one-man-band. He creates his tunes with a guitar, a bass, a drum machine, a synth and a piano. The a-side features a blown-out direct 70s rock anthem with a muddy production. "Past The Edge" merges the sleazy rawness of The Stooges with an addictive groove and spacier sounds in the vein of Hawkwind. There are some simularities to Spacin' and Birds Of Maya, but the song definitely speaks for itself. "Grading On A Curce" leads into the world of electronic music with it's warm, bright and noisy sounds. It shows influences of 70s krautrock simular to Conrad Schnitzler, Harmonia or early Kraftwerk. Both songs on this single sound totally different, but they are both great in their own ways. (Listen to it here)

The world would be a better place, if all "college rock" sounded like this. Mordecai's previous LP and 7" have already been brilliant, but this new album tops it all. Hailing from the small town Butte in Montana Mordecai have developed their own distinctive brand of rock'n'roll and it's basically about deconstruction. The twelve songs reject harmonies and typical verse-chorus structures. Things are based on a monotonic rythm section, a unique spoken vocal style and blown-out heavy distorted guitar noise. The production sounds like it has been recorded live in one take with a few microphones standing in a large room. Drums and vocals generate the impression, that they're coming from a cellar one storey below. Sometimes even the volume-level drops within a song. Mordecai play broken and destructive music in most possible ways. It's something between 60s garage and UK DIY postpunk. Or to speak in terms of compilations: Mordecai are an ugly product of Back From The Grave and Missthetics. Great!!! (Listen to it here)

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Finally Ego Summit's one and only LP originally released in 1997 has been reissued. Ego Summit were an allstar band from Columbus, Ohio consisting of Dan Howland (Gibson Bros, Bassholes), Jim Shephard (V-3, Vertical Slit), Ron House (Thomas Jeffersons Slave Apartments, Great Plains), Tommy Jay (Mike Rep And The Quotas, True Believers) and Mike Rep (Mike Rep And The Quotas). Most of such name-droppings are superfluous, but in this case it's useful, because Ego Summit really sound like a product of all the previous mentioned bands and this record is equally distinctive and influental. All five members are responsible for the songwriting. This opens the possibility for a wide range of different styles. The 13 songs on "The Room Isn't Big Enough" vary between garage ("black hole"), blues ("novacaine"), folk ("half off"), country ("Floyd Collins"), improvised jams ("rise cherry"), pop ("illogical") and psych ("small piece of Germany"). Most songs let a Velvet Underground influence shine through and they are all characterized by brilliant lyrics and a certain kind of weirdness. It really doesn't make sense to point out certain tracks, because this whole record is great and legendary. Don't miss it! (Listen to it here)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


California's Naked Lights consist of former members of Crimson Curse, Tristeza, Some Girls and Ordination Of Aaron (just to name a few). "Chime Grove" is their vinyl debut, but compared with their previous bands Naked Lights go into a new musical direction. The record features tracks from their last years cassette on Sanity Muffin as well as some new additions. Naked Lights create music with the help of an open-minded experimental approach. Each of the five members plays at least three instruments over the course of the album. The range of instruments includes synthesizers, percussion, bass, guitar, drums, drum-computer, horns, chimes and violin. This opens possibilities for a great variety of textures and clang colours. Each of the fourteen tracks is focused on an interplay between different instruments. The only constant is their warm, bright and spacy sound. The mesmerzing tunes are rather short for this type of music. Some of them are underlayed with subtle vocal harmonies. Naked Light's music is first of all rooted in the sound of 70s German electronic music. The rythmic repetitive drum-beats show simularities to Neu! and the synth-sounds are heavily influenced by Cluster, Harmonia and Conrad Schnitzler's solo work. The powerful basslines are yet another unmistakable element of Naked Light's tunes. "Chime Grove" is really an impressive modern interpretation of krautrock. (Listen to it here)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


First of all I have to point out the record's packaging: It comes in a stamped, stickered and addressed envelope. It's so thin, that's it's really a difficult task to put the record back in, but it's a great idea anyway. Bassholes have released countless of fantastic LPs and singles since the early 90s. "Boogieman Stew" is their first sign of life since their "I feel like sleeping" 12" from 2010, which may have been due to the fact that Bim Thomas is really busy with Obnox and Puffy Areolas. The second guy behind the Bassholes is Don Howland, who has been jamming in Gibson Bros and Ego Summit. With their new LP this duo probably delivers their most destructive and weird record ever. Bassholes fuse a wide range of different styles ranging from country to blues, garage, 70s punk and protopunk. Things are based on a drooling feedback guitar and groovy, repetitive drums. The whole musical performance is buried under a wall of echoing lo-fi mush. This is rawness on a higher level! Bassholes crank out nine cuts, of which three are fantastic cover versions of The Groundhogs, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and Noh Mercy. Some tracks have been recorded with guest appearances including Ellen Hoover from Gibson Bros, Dave and Tom Shannon from the Cheater Slicks and Damon Sturdevant from Puffy Areolas. A must have! (Listen to it here)