Tuesday, October 1, 2013


First of all I have to point out the record's packaging: It comes in a stamped, stickered and addressed envelope. It's so thin, that's it's really a difficult task to put the record back in, but it's a great idea anyway. Bassholes have released countless of fantastic LPs and singles since the early 90s. "Boogieman Stew" is their first sign of life since their "I feel like sleeping" 12" from 2010, which may have been due to the fact that Bim Thomas is really busy with Obnox and Puffy Areolas. The second guy behind the Bassholes is Don Howland, who has been jamming in Gibson Bros and Ego Summit. With their new LP this duo probably delivers their most destructive and weird record ever. Bassholes fuse a wide range of different styles ranging from country to blues, garage, 70s punk and protopunk. Things are based on a drooling feedback guitar and groovy, repetitive drums. The whole musical performance is buried under a wall of echoing lo-fi mush. This is rawness on a higher level! Bassholes crank out nine cuts, of which three are fantastic cover versions of The Groundhogs, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs and Noh Mercy. Some tracks have been recorded with guest appearances including Ellen Hoover from Gibson Bros, Dave and Tom Shannon from the Cheater Slicks and Damon Sturdevant from Puffy Areolas. A must have! (Listen to it here)