Sunday, October 13, 2013


FRAMTID - DEFEAT OF CIVILISATION LP (La Vida Es Un Mus/ Crust War/ Black Water)
Twelve years after their genre defining "Under the ashes" LP Framtid from Osaka, Japan are finally back with a brand new full lenght. This record is not innovative at all, but Framtid know how to push conventional d-beat, crust and harcorepunk infuences on a higher, more extreme level. They master their instruments brilliantly and the whole recording is played with ease and precision. As so typical for Japanese hardcore bands Framtid have put a lot of thought into their sound and their production. Many bands use distortions, feedbacks and noise, but Framtid's recordings sound more extreme and more powerful than all the others. They throw in influences from bands like Discharge, Chaos UK, Disorder, Meanwhile, Shitlickers, Anti-Cimex, Bastard, Disclose, Avskum and Totalitär to combine them with their own unique style of merciless hammering hardcore noise. Don't miss this modern classic of Japanese hardcore! (Listen to it here)