Wednesday, October 2, 2013


California's Naked Lights consist of former members of Crimson Curse, Tristeza, Some Girls and Ordination Of Aaron (just to name a few). "Chime Grove" is their vinyl debut, but compared with their previous bands Naked Lights go into a new musical direction. The record features tracks from their last years cassette on Sanity Muffin as well as some new additions. Naked Lights create music with the help of an open-minded experimental approach. Each of the five members plays at least three instruments over the course of the album. The range of instruments includes synthesizers, percussion, bass, guitar, drums, drum-computer, horns, chimes and violin. This opens possibilities for a great variety of textures and clang colours. Each of the fourteen tracks is focused on an interplay between different instruments. The only constant is their warm, bright and spacy sound. The mesmerzing tunes are rather short for this type of music. Some of them are underlayed with subtle vocal harmonies. Naked Light's music is first of all rooted in the sound of 70s German electronic music. The rythmic repetitive drum-beats show simularities to Neu! and the synth-sounds are heavily influenced by Cluster, Harmonia and Conrad Schnitzler's solo work. The powerful basslines are yet another unmistakable element of Naked Light's tunes. "Chime Grove" is really an impressive modern interpretation of krautrock. (Listen to it here)