Thursday, October 17, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 1 OF 6

Both bands were on tour together and this split 7“ is the product of their friendship. The tune on Crimnal Code's side of the split takes up where they left off with their previous highly recommended releases. "Ruins" combines dark and desperate wave influences with energetic punkrock. Criminal Code take influences from The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, The Wipers and Drive Like Jehu, but in the end it’s their own independet brand of postpunk. They are simply one of the best current bands of this genre. Big Crux feature one guy from Life’s Halt, even if their music leads into a different direction. "R-13" is dancable track based on fantastic melodies, a funky groove and driving bass lines. The vocals sung in Spanish language area highly charismatic. Big Crux are one of the few bands, that are comparable with Minutemen, Big Boys and Firehose. This is one of this year's best split 7"s! (Listen to it here)

ICH BIN EIN ESEL - HOLY GRAIL 7" (Swashbuckling Hobo) 
I’m a little bit confused about the German bandname and the German flag on the frontcover. Ich Bin Ein Esel (which means "I’m a donkey") are an Australian trio with former Onyas members. One thing is clear: Their music is definitely not connected with Germany. Instead of that they crank out four cuts of Stooges influenced guitar-driven Aussie rock’n’roll. That's the kind of music Australia has been best know for in the late 80s. Bored!, Cosmic Psychos or God are the obvious references. Most current Australian bands create their own, fresh music. That’s great, but I’m more than happy, that there’s still Aussie punkrock that sounds like this. The titletrack „Holy Grail“ is a true winner track based on a catchy anthem-like chorus. This is one of the songs you'll play over and over again after the first listen. The other three tracks aren't that outstanding, but also worth it. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

NUCLEAR SPRING - S/T 7" (Hardware/ Cut The Chord That/ Doomtown)
This single has been released in support of Nuclear Spring's tour through Europe. They are a Brooklyn based band with members of Creem. Creem play 80s inspired hardcore with some hints of classic punkrock and Oi!. Nuclear Spring seem to push those hints into the forefront. Their vinyl debut offers four midtemnpo tunes, that find a good balance between melodies and rawness. The songs are filled with sensational hooks, simple guitar-melodies and catchy sing-alongs. At the same time they are rough and straight blasting. The focus is on the well done mixed gender vocals. Nuclear Spring fuse late 70s US punkrock with classic UK peacepunk and Oi! music. Imagine a product of The Lewd, Icons Of Filth, Blitz and The Partisans and you'll get a rough idea how brilliant this 7" is. (Listen to it here)

THE SPACE LADY - MAJOR TOM 7" (Night School) 
This is a quite bizzare single. There are no two opinions about The Space Lady: either you like her music or you don't. I'm a fan, because I totally dig her unconventional approach. The Space Lady is a street musician from San Francisco, California. She performs wearing a whimsical steel helmet with angel wings. This single features two interpretations of well known songs based on Casiotone keyboard sounds. "Major Tom" on the a-side is a cover version of Peter Schilling's Neue Deutsche Welle classic. Even if I don’t like the orginal version The Space Lady succeeds to turn it into something special with her haunting, shy vocals and her 80s video game casio sounds. The flipside offers another fabolous coverversion of "Radar Love" originally performed by the Dutch rock group Golden Earring. True outsider music at it's best! (Listen to it here)

TERRIBLE FEELINGS - BACKWOODS 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger/ Sabotage)
Here's the fourth single by Terrible Feelings from Malmö, Sweden. I haven't been totally enthusiastic about their full lenght, but they are still unbeatable on 7" format. Their early songs reminded me of recent Swedish punk groups like Masshysteri or The Vicious, but in course of their existence Terrible Feelings have constantly developed their music further to fuse their punkrock with several different music genres. "Backwoods" shows influences ranging from surf to deathrock, country, pop and 70s rock. The gloomy, dark mood gives their songs a special and highly distinctive note. Things are based on a extremly varied guitar-work and some really powerful female vocals. Think of the perfect combination of The Gun Club, Napalm Beach, The Smiths, The Flesh Eaters and Patti Smith. You really can't go wrong with this three track 7"! (Listen to it here)