Friday, October 18, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 2 OF 6

"A Day At The Beach" is the vinyl debut by Atlantic Thrills from Providence, RI. If I didn't know it better, I would think these two songs were recorded sometime in the mid 60s. Of course many current bands try to revibe music from that period, but Atlantic Thrills stand out, because they need no heavy psych, no fuzz and nothing fancy to write really good songs. The titletrack and "Hold Your Tongue" on the b-side are two basic rock'n'roll tunes with an incredible sense for sunny melodies. Atlantic Thrills pair crunchy, yet jangly guitars with husky vocals and galloping garage beats. The background choral singing is heavily influenced by The Beach Boys. It's all done with class, originality and good songwriting. You really can't go wrong with this great piece of garage-pop! (Listen to it here

This single takes up where Bits Of Shit left off with ther "Cut Sleeves" full lenght, which has been one of my last years favorite Aussie records. This Melbourne based four-piece blurs the line between early SST releases and classic Aussie rock'n'roll. The songs are driving, but not too fast with a great groove and a focus on the excellent guitar-work. The vocals have a ruined sound in a Darby Crash kind of way. The titletrack "Meat Thump" with it's weird Greg Ginn guitar riffs sounds like a complete worship to Black Flag, The Dicks and The Feederz. "W.W. Me" merges the rawness of straight on punkrock with the ferocity of Coloured Balls and Supernaut. Both songs are highly recommended and it's all done with passion, power and intensity. Don't miss this single!  (Listen to it here)

Destruction Unit startet in 2000 in Memphis as a synth-punk solo project by the leading head Ryan Rousseau. Their first two albums were recorded with the help of Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout of the Lost Sounds. Then Rousseau moved to Arizona and restarted the band with a new musical orientation. Since then their music has become better and more crushing with every new release. On this single Destruction Unit sound like they combine two contradictory ideas. On the one hand their songs are hard hitting with a destructtive noise-punk sound, while on the other hand they are characterized by a wall of blown out psychedelic guitar sounds simular to Hawkwind's space rock. It's probably just coincidence, but Destrcution Unit's vocals always remind me of Jay Reatard. Both songs on this single haven't been included on Destruction Unit's brand new album and the title "Two Strong Hits" sums it up very well. (Listen to it here

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas Mouthbreathers deliver their third 7" within the last three years. After the first seconds it seems like Mouthbreathers are no more than another good retro-punk group. The beginning of "Nowhere else to go" with it's crushing guitars and top notch vocal harmonies sounds like it has been taken from a "Bloodstains Across The UK" compilation, but then the song turns into a gloomy surf direction with heavy delay effects. "Mindbreathers" has a simular structure with punk influences at the beginning, but here they are replaced by an extented psychedelic trip influenced by Hawkwind's space rock. It's really impressive how Mouthbreathers blur the lines between several different music genres and how they fuse them to their own unique mixture. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

What we've got here is the very promising first release for Earthbound Records from Louisville, Kentucky. It's a 7" by White Reaper, who are also based in Louisville. They are a duo consisting of drums and guitar only, but you're wrong if you think their music could sound stripped down. White Reaper crank out two cuts of wild, crashing and unpolished punkrock. The songs have sensational hooks and melodies. Things are based on a fuzzy, heavy distorted guitar, catchy raspy vocals and some really pounding drum beats. Both songs sound poppy in a very pleasant way. White Reaper fuse influences ranging from garage to poppunk and early 90s indierock. Think of a product of Japanther, Toys That Kill, Superchunk and The Mummies but with soul and originality to back it up. Fantastic!  (Listen to it here)