Monday, October 21, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 3 OF 6

BIKES - OCEAN PENIS 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
Goodby Boozy Records from Italy brings a new 7" by one of Germany's hottest current garage acts. Bikes are a trio from Berlin featuring members of Hellshovel, Demons Claws and Die Ersten Menschen. Their music captures a raw, unpolished, classic garage vibe. Both songs on this one-sided single are reduced to the basics, but they offer everything you need to succesfully play some really good garage-punk. Bikes combine fuzz effects with short destructive guitar solos, some really well done choruses and the galopping beats of 60s garage. "Ocean Penis" is a brilliant stomper based on a catchy as hell guitar riff. "Can't Wait" sounds a bit faster, straighter and wilder. If you dig The Black Jaspers, Black Lips and BBQ, you'll probably also be digging this. (Listen to it here)

CANE! - SEX, LOVE AND THREESOMES 7" (Shit Music For Shit People/ Bored Youth)
Cane! are yet another hot current punk group from Italy. This duo delivers frantic synth-punk, that recalls the classic sound of the The Units, The Screamers and other inventors of this genre. They merge the ferocity and power of punkrock with the catchiness of power-pop and Devo's weirdness. The songs are made with fast drum computer beats, snotty guitars, sharp riffs and tons of catchy choruses and harmonies. The four tracks of this fantastic 7" include a cover version of The Reatards classic "Blew My Mind" in memory of the second anniversary of Jay Reatards death. If you are a fan of The Spits, The Lost Sounds and Black Bug, this 7" will definitely satisfy your soul. Shit Music For Shit People brings the digital version, Bored Youth is responsible for the physical copy. (Listen to it here)

COLD CIRCUITS - S/T 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger)
You really can't go wrong with a Erste Theke Tonträger release and this small piece of vinyl is yet another great example: Cold Circuits are a new band from the bay area with members of Synthetic ID and compared with them this selftitled debut 7" leads into a very simular musical direction. That's fine by me, because I've been a fan of Synthetic ID's demo 7" and 12". The four songs are a product of full blown punkrock, bleak 80s postpunk and the currently popular Wipers influences. The guitar playing and the bass with their dark and dissonant sound are influenced by Wire, Fugazi and Crisis. The vocals remind me of Rick Froberg of Hot Snakes. But altogether it's straight on punkrock, that uses the above-mentioned influences to keep the songs fresh, smart and varied. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Gameday Regulars are a Bronx, New York based trio, even if their music seems to be more connected with Gainsville, Florida. The four songs show that characteristic contrast between rough vocals on the one hand and melancholic guitar melodies on the other like it's best known from releases on No Idea Records. Gameday Regulars recall the sound of "Mush" era Leatherface, early Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker. The vocals sound super raspy in a Frankie Stubs meets Chuck Ragan kind of way. What all songs have in common are great melodies, a characteristic groove, catchy choruses and a stand out guitar work. If you're a fan of Iron Chic, this will be your new obsession. (Listen to it here)

Neighborhood Brats have definitely understood, that simple reduction is one main key to create great punk tunes. This band from Los Angeles, California writes songs with the help of a few chords, catchy choruses and basic drum beats. The four tracks on this 7" are driven by a loud, snotty bass and guitar sound and some really fantastic female vocals. Neighborhood Brats do a great job of reviving the spirit of classic late 70s and early 80s Californian punkrock. The 7"'s kicks off with "Birth Right" inspired by Dangerhouse bands like The Avengers, The Bags and The Eyes. "Party Going Right" leads into a early hardcore direction simular to Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans and The Adolescents. The flipside features a cover song by Youth Of Today's "Break Down The Walls". I've never been into straight edge hardcore and I think Neighborhood's own songs are a lot more interesting than everything Youth Of Today has ever written. So it's better to skip that and jump over to the final song. "Exit Strategies" is another fine punk cut with a double mixed gender chant in the forefront. Great! (Listen to it here)

During the last couple of years there have been countles of really good new punk and hardcore groups coming from the UK scene like for example Good Throb, Mean Bikini, Love Triangle, No, Violent Reaction, The Flex, Hygiene, Woolf, Satellites Of Love, The Pheromoans, Woolf or Dry Heaves (just to name a few). Sauna Youth should also be included here. They are an quartett from London and Brighton and this 7" follows their excellent last year's "Dreamlands" debut full lenght. In contrast to their varied album the two tracks on this single offer straight and simple indie-punk. The titeltrack is a midtempo Ramones influenced pop-punk gem with beautiful female vocal harmonies pushed into the forefront. "Oh Joel" is a faster-paced immediate punk cut. It sounds like a modern indie-punk version of The Undertones with a super catchy chorus part.  Don't miss this 7"! (Listen to it here)