Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 4 OF 6

The two songs on this single were orginally released on Action Swinger's 1994 "Quite While You're Ahead" CD. Thanks to Total Punk they have now been pressed on vinyl for the very first time. For good reasons: The a-side delivers some of the best noise-punk I've heart since a long time. "Miserable Life" is mainly based on one riff, but it's insane monotonic and long structures make it sound more devastating with every new repeat. The songs is a mess of  merciless lyrics, feedbacks, heavy distortion and ugliness. Imagine a bastard of Flipper and The Brainbombs. "Losing My Cool" on the flipside is another top notch song, that fuses noise-punk with hints of 70s hardrock and some brash ripping guitar-solos. (Listen to it here

Bon Voyage brings us the vinyl debut by Cannon from Brisbane, Australia and the title "It's cool, no worries" definitley reflects it's quality. Cannon's brand of garage rock uses proven influences, but at the same time this five-piece gives their songs an unmistakable note, that clearly distingĂșishes them from the rest. Brilliant guitar-lines, galopping 60s garage beats and a perfect balance between rawness and catchy melodies is what we can expect from these five tracks with a full playtime of more than ten minutes(!). Some songs are fast some are poppy, but all are focused on frontman's Callan Murphy's weird, barking and hard to understand vocals. Thinks of something between The Urinals, Black Lips and early Rough Trade releases. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here

Drags are a new band from Oakland, California. The two songs on this single were recorded by Mathew Melton of Warm Soda and simular to them also Drags create their tunes with the help of fantastic power pop hooks. "Sense" is a no frills pop-punk gem based on strumming guitar melodies and distinctive echo vocals. Imagine Jesus And Mary Chain's sound combined with sunny pop melodies. "Sticks And Stones", the second track on this one-side single, offers well done psych-pop made with delay-loaded guitar leads and harmonizing background vocals. Both songs have class and originality and I really can't wait for more Drags releases!  Very nice! (Listen to it here)
Here's the second single I've recently got from these L.A. punks and it's another must have if you dig raw and classic punkrock. Neighborhood Brats, who are (probably) named after the song from The Boys' "Alternative Chartbusters" masterpiece, pick up the best elements of late 70s and early 80s Californian punk & hardcore, but they don't forget to add their own fresh note. The songs have everything you are looking for: power, intensity, melodies, snotty guitars and some really outstanding female vocals. You get three originals and one felicitous cover version of "Lust To Love" originally performed by The Go-Go's. This 7"s sounds seriously as good as your favourite singles by The Bags, The Eyes, The Lewd, The Avengers, X and The Alley Cats. (Listen to it here)

NO//SE - BEACH BATHROOM BINGO 7" (1859/ Different Kitchen)
I've became aware of NO//SE because they've recently toured Europe. After listening to their last year's full lenght, it was clear, that I also had to get this new 7". Hailing from California NO//SE play guitar-driven punkrock. This single features two smashing tunes of their typical brandmark sound. Compared with their LP the production sounds a bit rougher and that's just the perfect complement to their mix of loud blasting guitars, raspy vocals, harmonizing background chants and straight song structures. One of the most impressive things about NO//SEI is how they balance dirtiness, ferocity, catchiness and melancholic undertones. Mix the best parts of Stiff Little Fingers. The Hellacopters, Channel 3, Smogtown and Leatherface and you'll probably get a rough idea, how impressive this band sounds like. Don't be a fool and get this 7"! (Listen to it here)

SICK THOUGHTS - BLOOD RED 7" (Goodbye Boozy)
Thanks to Ty Segall, Black Lips, Mikal Cronin, Jacuzzy Boys etc. garage music has recently become hip in the world of underground music. I have no problem with that, but I’m more than happy, that there’s still garage that sounds like this. Sick Thoughts are a duo from Baltimore. On this single they crank out two cuts of their in-your-face punkrock. It's all buried under a lo-fi mush of distortions, heavy fuzz and a raw-as-hell four track production. The songs sound like a product of sheer primitivity. Things are based on basic drum-beats, short fucked up guitar solos and some brilliant ugly vocals. Sick Thoughts take influences from The Oblivians and The Reatards to fuse them with their own demented no frills approach. In case you know the German band Superhellicopter, this sounds very simular. (Listen to it here